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Prevel launches competition for integration of mural on glass to be installed at Esplanade Cartier

Montreal, November 2, 2021 — Prével today announced the launch of a competition for the integration of a permanent glass screen print to be installed in the Esplanade Cartier project, located in the Sainte-Marie district of the Ville-Marie borough of Montreal. This project reflects Prével’s desire to incorporate local art and culture into the urban fabric, as well as to highlight the immense contribution to the Montreal community by the Women’s Y, an organization that will occupy a significant portion of one of the project’s buildings.

Because of its location and size, the work will have exceptional visibility from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and De Lorimier Avenue. In fact, it will be no less than five storeys high and fifteen metres wide, big enough to turn heads! Whether abstract or figurative in nature, it must have a strong artistic signature, allowing it to become an important landmark in the landscape of the neighbourhood and the city.

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A selection process in accordance with best practices

A selection committee has been set up specifically for this competition. The selection process will be inspired by and follow the best practices related to calls for applications established by the Bureau d’art public de la ville de Montréal. In an initial phase, the selection committee will choose a maximum of four finalists, who will be invited to propose a global concept accompanied by technical specifications. Each finalist will receive a budget allocation to develop and submit their proposal. The committee will recommend only one of the proposals and the winner will receive a lump sum for the final design and production of the work in print, as well as the copyright.

Some important considerations for artists and creators:

  • The external visibility of the work on the scale of the landscape, as well as the intimate relationship it will have with the users of the site from the inside, will be considered in the development of the work;
  • The work will be produced and installed by Prével and its partners;
  • The work must represent the following values: respect, equity, integrity, non-violence, inclusion and solidarity;
  • The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2021, at noon


“We recognize the important contribution of public art as an integral part of our Montreal identity, and we believe that it bridges the gap between community, culture and urban development. Making it accessible to all, while celebrating local talent, are additional values and gestures that represent the DNA of Esplanade Cartier, our company and those who contribute to configuring this corner of the neighbourhood as it takes shape.”

– Laurence Vincent, President, Prével.

“At the Women’s Y of Montreal, we believe deeply that art does good, so we are very pleased that Prével has decided to integrate an urban artwork into its project. We are also honoured that this initiative highlights our organization’s work with women and girls over the past century and a half. We are delighted that our values are guiding this creation and that they are being translated into an outdoor artwork for the enjoyment of those who live in, or visit, Montreal. We salute the creative impulse of the artists who will respond to the call for submissions and wish them the best of luck!”

– Nadine Raymond, CEO of YWCA Montreal.

The Esplanade Cartier Project

Esplanade Cartier is a complete living environment offering a true socio-economic mix. With a focus on active transportation, public transit, and green and community spaces, the project will promote exchanges between residents, workers and the neighbourhood population through its public square, local merchants, restaurants and terraces, urban agriculture spaces, community organizations, including the Women’s Y, its project house – a first for a private development in Quebec – as well as its large central park made up of relaxation and contemplation spaces, children’s areas, small sports fields and multipurpose corridors. This central park will connect to the banks of the St. Lawrence River to the south, which will be developed over a distance of more than five kilometres, as well as the future park under the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

About Prével

Founded more than 40 years ago and employing some 100 people, Prével is a known for its expertise in real estate development and mainly carries out large-scale mixed-use projects in the central neighbourhoods of Greater Montreal. Prével’s mission is to create pleasant living environments that contribute positively to the neighbourhoods in which they are located. A proponent of home ownership, sustainable development including urban agriculture and active transportation, local commerce, innovation and urban living, the developer has also committed to the revitalization of many neighbourhoods, while creating unique, open and inclusive environments. Through its collaborative work with various communities, Prével has completed numerous projects that have had a positive impact on the city’s development and its built heritage.

About YWCA Montreal

For 145 years, the Women’s Y of Montreal has been generating positive and sustainable change to prevent violence against women and girls and to promote social and gender equality and inclusion. The organization develops and offers innovative, relevant programs and services that are adapted to the evolution of social issues. It thus contributes to building a better future for women, girls and their families in the perspective of an egalitarian, inclusive and violence-free society.

Sources : Prével, YWCA de Montreal

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