Our expertise

Innovative concepts

At Prével, our profound sense of community drives everything we do. It can be found at the heart of all our projects—from shared areas to green spaces and public squares surrounded by gourmet shops, handy services, stores, and more. It’s all part of our commitment to bringing renewed energy to neighbourhood life.

           We are also proud to be pioneers when it comes to shared spaces, offering our customers innovative features like urban chalets, rooftop gardens, children’s recreational spaces, infinity pools, and water features just off the lower-level balconies. Prével takes inspiration from the latest worldwide industry trends to bring Montrealers something truly special.

Rooftops that made our reputation

In the 1990s, Prével saw the potential that Montréal rooftops had to offer in terms of views, space, water features, and more. We wanted to bring Montrealers a way to take full advantage of summer and provide the feeling of being on vacation in the middle of the city. Prével was the first to develop elaborate rooftop spaces, and ever since we have been building innovative rooftop concepts with every new construction project.

The rising popularity of urban chalets

After noting how popular our patio spaces were with clients—who use them for social gatherings—we decided to explore the creation of a space that can be used all year long. Using our experience with rooftop patios as a guide, we became the first construction company to come up with the idea of urban chalets: indoor areas adjacent to the outdoor terraces that offer residents comfortable lounging space.

Over the years, we’ve continued to improve on our novel idea. Not only have we tripled the size of these urban chalets for certain projects, we’ve also added features like pool tables, fireplaces, lounge chairs for reading, more space to cook meals for large groups of friends, and, of course, unrivalled views of the city. We always ensure every project’s unique needs are met when designing our urban chalets.

Sports centres designed with residents in mind

It’s important for us to create exercise spaces that people want to use, not just a dark room with a few pieces of equipment. That’s why Prével sports centres encompass a variety of spaces, giving residents the proper room and equipment to practisce their sport—from workouts to swimming, relaxation, floor hockey, and more.

Creating innovative living spaces

At Prével, we’ve never thought of ourselves as merely builders. Not only do we deal in concrete, we also sell a different way of living—and have since our very first project. Over the years, we’ve expanded this philosophy to include not only the buildings we construct but also the neighbourhoods where they’re located. Each project offers us a unique opportunity to create novel living spaces through the construction of public areas, mixed-use spaces, and architectural features that take into account the existing urban landscape.

Optimized spaces

As our customers’ needs continue to grow and change, Prével has become an expert at optimizing space within every project. Although 550-ft2 units are now standard in most condo projects, Prével has been perfecting and offering units of less than 570 ft2 with a closed bedroom for over 10 years. Our teams carefully examine all project plans to see just how we can maximize every square inch of space. Plus our popular common areas provide residents with extensions to their own private living space.

Today, Prével offers a 400-ft2 unit that meets the same needs as our 550-ft2 unit, but at a lower price point—giving many first-time buyers the opportunity to own their own home and build wealth. Our project plans also meet the needs of families, offering units with multiple closed bedrooms.

Revitalizing neighbourhoods

Prével is one of the first real-estate developers to invest in the revitalization of neighbourhoods across the city, including Old Montréal (Quai de la commune, Époques, 21e arrondissement), Griffintown (Lowney, Bassins du Havre), and Shaughnessy Village (Le Séville, S sur le Square, Union sur le Parc). These projects have provided people with an opportunity to live in the heart of the city—bringing new life and vitality to the area. The more people who live in a neighbourhood, the more services are available (shops, public transport, cultural activities, and more), and the livelier and more dynamic the area becomes.

Preserving our architectural heritage

Each of our projects is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing landscape. Lowney, Imperial Lofts, and Quai de la commune, for example, were opportunities to restore existing buildings and preserve vital parts of Montréal’s architectural heritage. With Esplanade Cartier, we “cut” the existing site into distinct façades to create smaller buildings that recall Montréal’s typical residential housing—enabling us to blend into the area’s urban look.

A real commitment to sustainable development

We were one of the first real estate developers to offer large-scale urban gardening in our buildings. As such, the 21e Arrondissement features 3,000 square feet of cultivable gardens on one of its rooftops—an activity aimed at reducing heat islands in addition to providing residents of the project and the neighbourhood with fresh produce. At the Loft Impérial project, rainwater is collected and used to water the plants in the interior courtyard, while the light-coloured reflective roof and the green roof improve the buildings’ energy efficiency and reduce heat island. Last, Esplanade Cartier’s Phase 1 is aiming for the LEED® Gold Certification.

Exceptional support for first-time buyers

For over 25 years, Prével has worked to meet the needs of many first-time buyers. Seeing their realities first hand has provided us with a unique opportunity to learn just what these buyers need.

We’ve invested much time and energy to better understand our first-time buyers’ goals, and have used that experience to create tools to better inform and guide our clients. Prével has also trained our team to offer additional help to people with little to no buying experience—notably by providing them with all the information they need to make an informed decision and ensuring they don’t rush into any hasty choices.

Long ago, we opted to forgo traditional sales tactics for a relationship-driven approach to selling. With building long-term relationships in mind, we also ensure superior service from the purchase process to selecting the right unit to an exceptional after-sales experience. Many of our first-time buyers, in fact, go on to become long-time Prével clients and continue to purchase their next homes with us.