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Les Cours Bellerive

Les Cours Bellerive
Made in partnership with Inovim.
Located in Mercier-Est, this condo and townhouse project is perfectly balanced between the city and the great outdoors.
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9201 Notre-Dame Street East
Montreal (Quebec) H1L 3N3

Les Cours Bellerive

Project summary

Located in the heart of the thriving Mercier-Est neighbourhood and comprising several phases, this project will include a large interior courtyard, creating a lively balance between nature and urban living. Close to the Saint-Lawrence River, the project faces the gorgeous Promenade Bellerive with its over 2 km of parks, pools, and sports, cultural and recreational installations. Made up of condos and townhouses, les Cours Bellerive offers residents a peaceful, family-oriented ambiance.

516 + 20

(Condos & Townhouses)

2 & 3

(Phases on sale)


(Delivery OF PHASEs 2 & 3)





9201 Notre-Dame Street East
Montreal (Quebec) H1L 3N3

Group 19
Public transport
Bus : lines 22, 189, 410, 362, 26 and 430
Pedestrian access (walkscore)
Group 13
Bike access (bike score)
Group 24
Car access
Near Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge–Tunnel
Projets / ico / Type Copy 2
Groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shop, stores, schools, daycare, parks


  1. At the centre of the project, a vibrant, green courtyard inspires relaxation.
  2. Just steps from the Saint-Lawrence River and facing Promenade Bellerive, residents can enjoy over 2 km of parks and trails.
  3. A large communal terrace featuring a barbecue, outdoor furniture and a lounge area with fireplace offers an impressive 360-degree view.
  4. A fitness centre, a telecommuting workspace and a lounge are some of the practical common areas accessible to residents.
  5. A recreation area for children and a multipurpose room for private events allow families to get together easily.
  6. Strategically located, the project provides easy access to several bicycle paths, an express bus to downtown, a bus to the métro, and to Highway 25, which leads to the North and South Shores.
  7. A Prével Alliance project in collaboration with Forme Studio architects and Gauvreau Design designers.

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9201 Notre-Dame Street East
Montreal (Quebec) H1L 3N3

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