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A love story

The story of Prével is nothing short of a love story. Our greatest strength is our team of passionate, qualified professionals. In addition, we work with a solid network of partners in a collaboration based on confidence, complementary skills, and mutual respect.

A family affair

Over the last 40+ years, Prével has expanded into a tightly knit team—an accomplishment we are incredibly proud of. Laurence Vincent took over the role of co-president from her father and Prével founder Jacques Vincent on January 1, 2018. It’s a position she currently shares with Jonathan Sigler, who’s been in this role since 1994.

A happy

Our team is made up of employees from diverse backgrounds—people with warm and colourful personalities, epicureans at heart, who are devoted to enjoying all life has to offer. This philosophy is part of Prével’s very foundation, and it continues to drive our work and can be found in the way we carefully create each of our living spaces.

A sense of belonging

Our relaxed and inclusive work environment and shared values create a real sense of belonging at Prével. Working here is a welcoming and human experience each and every day.  

management team

Thanks to years of successful property-management experience, Jonathan Sigler and Laurence Vincent have come to share the same vision. Their goal is to build integrated living spaces where architectural design and urbanism meet, creating a positive influence in the neighbourhoods where they’re located.

Laurence Vincent

MBA – HEC Montréal, Canada

While she was predestined for a career in humanitarian work, Laurence was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after helping her father and Prével founder Jacques Vincent with their business. Since 2004, Laurence has climbed the ranks in the company, working in various roles until she knew the business inside and out. She has since taken over from her father as co-president, and is proud to contribute to Montréal’s building heritage, one innovative project at a time.

Jonathan Sigler

M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management – Stanford University, U.S.A.

Jonathan joined Prével in 1994 as co-president, a position he shared with Jacques Vincent. He has been helping to build the company’s success ever since. Jonathan currently shares Prével’s management with Laurence, and continues to reinvent the concept of living spaces with daring new ideas that put people at the core of every decision.

Success based on synergy

The way our various departments work seamlessly together is part of Prével’s long success story. Our integrated approach means we can control every aspect of all our projects—from original idea to development, marketing, construction, and after-sales service. Our teams work hand in hand to optimize our customers’ experience and provide living spaces that deliver over and above their expectations.


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