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Sustainable development

We aspire to create human-scale, sustainable, and attractive living environments. Each project is an opportunity to rethink how we do things to improve its social and environmental benefits.

Jonathan Sigler
Strategic advisor

Our vision

  1. We inspire responsible and inclusive individual and collective behaviours.
  2. We highlight an urban and active lifestyle.
  3. We design projects according to urban densification principles while optimizing individual well-being.
  4. We mobilize community players to create vibrant neighbourhoods that meet the needs of the people who live there while conserving the environment.


We are aware that the life cycle of our activities has an impact on the environment and we want to keep continually improving our social and environmental performance while ensuring the company’s profitability and sustainability.

To do this, we are committed to implementing initiatives that aim to:

  • Improve and measure our environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of our activities
  • Improve the social and environmental benefits of our activities
  • Encourage all employees to participate
  • Cooperate with internal and external stakeholders

We also commit to maintaining an environmental responsibility committee and allocating the required resources to achieve the objectives of our strategic environmental responsibility plan.

Our strategic orientations

Our actions are inspired by the following strategic orientations, which guide us in the implementation of our environmentally responsible vision:

  • Integrate sustainable development in our organizational culture
  • Encourage employee engagement and participation 
  • Improve the environmental benefits of projects
  • Optimize the social benefits and local impacts of projects


This is an ongoing, tried-and-tested, structured approach that allows companies to take action and meet new requirements tied to circular economy and lowering their carbon footprint.

Level 1

In 2022, Prével received the Level 1 ECORESPONSIBLE Certification audited and issued by ECOCERT

This level aims to recognize the organization’s commitment to advancing the implementation of a sustainable business model and eco-friendly practices.

Level 2

In 2023, Prével received the Level 2 ECORESPONSIBLE Certification audited and issued by ECOCERT

This structured and proven approach of continuous improvement enables companies to take action and meet the new requirements related to the circular economy and the reduction of carbon footprint.