A Promising Spring Ahead

Prével’s winter season was marked by sustained public interest in its many developments, and the company is seeing a rise in consumer confidence. Montreal real... Read more

The Health of Montreal’s Real Estate Market

With over 35 years of experience as a real estate promoter, I came to the conclusion that the success of the real estate market rest upon three factors: interest... Read more

Suggestions to the Future Mayor

In this pre-election period, how can we increase Montreal’s competitive edge in order to counter the current exodus to the suburbs? The city already has numerous ... Read more

An Update on Real Estate

The situation of the residential real estate sector of Montreal has been the talk of the town lately and has given rise to many questions from future buyers.It is a... Read more

Bassins du Havre: a New Neighborhood

Following recent discussions on the future of Griffintown, I believe it is important that I, as a participant in the revitalization of this area, explain the process... Read more

Investing in Sustainable Development

The following is a reflection presented by Prével as part of the “Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement” consultation. Investing... Read more
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