Sustainable Development

Prével has been environmentally conscious for many years.  Our green policies ensure we reduce the environmental impact of our buildings while creating a healthy living environment for our customers.  For example, at Loft Impérial, rainwater is collected and used to water the plants in the indoor courtyard, and the reflective panels and vegetation on the roof improves the energy efficiency of all the buildings.  At Le Seville, solar panels heat the swimming pool.

At the Bassins du Havre project, Prével invested heavily to obtain LEED ND certification.  This certification calls for extremely rigorous standards of sustainable development, both for the buildings and for the surrounding neighbourhood.  By adhering to these standards, we will reduce energy and water consumption, and increase indoor air quality for residents.

At the 21e arrondissement project, Prével pushed the envelope even further by creating a green rooftop with a large area dedicated to urban agriculture, simultaneously reducing urban heat islands and encouraging the production of locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables.  A third party will cultivate and distribute the produce.

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