Creating Living Environments

Prével never defined itself as a builder.  Rather, from the very beginning, we’ve been in the business of redefining the idea of “home.”  Over time, this philosophy evolved beyond the physical aspects of our units.  By the end of the ‘70s, we improved layouts of single-family homes and provided an alternative to the traditional design of the 3-bedroom bungalow.  In 1981, Prével built its first condos and we sucessfully convinced the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to offer mortgage insurance in respect of the purchase of condos because prior to '81, the CMHC insured only single-family homes.  Throughout the ‘80s, we created a new kind of neighbourhood by integrating houses and condos into elaborate landscapes and green spaces.  For example, at the Village Saint-Louis project in Lachine, neighbors socialize regularly in the linear park due to its creek, adjacent walking paths, gazebos and rest areas.  Later, as Prével began to develop in downtown Montréal, the concrete structures of the past inspired us to develop unique common areas that resonate with and engage our buyers.

At the 21e arrondissement project, we pushed the concept of living spaces even further.  Drawing inspiration this time from the neighbourhoods of large European cities, we integrated shops, including a bakery, a greengrocer, a coffee shop and a bistro, as well as several terraces around the town square, fostering socialization and encouraging residents to collectively enjoy their neighbourhood.  Our goal is to constantly over-deliver by creating new, innovative concepts that will improve the quality of life of our customers.


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