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We are not putting up walls. We are trying to break them down.

Our adventure began on the streets of Old Montréal and extended out to Griffintown, showing how projects such as Le Seville and Lowney not only revitalized neighbourhoods, but also redefined the concept of city living.

Old Montréal and the Quai de la Commune

In the 1990s, Old Montréal began its metamorphosis. It was at this time that we launched the Quai de la Commune project, marking the dawn of a new era. The project did not just revitalize the urban space, but allowed residents to become first-time homeowners, form relationships with their neighbours, and build a vibrant community.

Attentive to the desire of our clients for a more fulfilling social life, we kept right on innovating. Our lively rooftop terraces, pools, and barbecue areas were designed to promote socializing and sharing. It is here that the best stories of urban life unfolded, all with Old Montréal and the Saint-Lawrence River as a backdrop.

Griffintown and Lowney

With the Lowney, we took a bold gamble that we could awaken the potential of Griffintown by revitalizing its industrial heritage and cultivating common areas bustling with community life. With its 15 successive phases, Lowney’s success is a testament of our commitment to listening to our clients and giving young professionals the opportunity to become owners. Through its affordable units and common areas that create a unique ambiance, we succeeded in charming residents.

Saint-Henri and Loft Imperial

The Loft Imperial in Saint-Henri is a former factory that was transformed into a bright urban oasis. By making the windows larger, we shined the spotlight on the building’s industrial aesthetic while bathing each condo in natural light. For its part, the Saint-Henri neighbourhood elegantly fuses its industrial charm with bustling cafés and hip restaurants. The project attracted over 1,700 residents, most first-time home buyers eager to experience urban living in all its beauty.

Shaughnessy Village and Le Seville

The Seville, a former theatre that was transformed into much sought-after homes, showed our ability to create spaces that meet our clients’ desires.

When we were asked to convert the theatre into residences, the building was in ruins and unrecognizable. Neighbours and several local organizations were relieved to learn about the project. The Seville’s popularity soared so high that the day before the condos officially went up for sale, interested buyers camped out overnight. Phase 1, which included 99 units, sold in just three hours.  

The subsequent phases saw the same level of success.

The Story Continues

Through these projects, we have demonstrated our ability to rethink urban living spaces. We aim to design spaces that create connections between people and bring them together. We strive to redefine housing standards by offering units within everyone’s reach and shaping inclusive environments where sharing and conviviality can flourish.  

Quartier Général and Esplanade Cartier, two projects currently under construction, are an expression of this vision: the former, in the heart of Griffintown, offers an open living space, while the latter, right on the doorstep of downtown, provides residents with a fresh take on the Montréal experience.

Discover these projects that are redefining urban living.

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