Alexis le Gourmand: Griffintown’s Gourmet Grocer

Long before settling down in Montreal in 2010, Alexis traveled Quebec for several months. A foodie at heart, he decided to share his discoveries by founding a grocery [...]

Old Montreal’s Breathtaking Terraces

If you are a true Montrealer, summer prompted one desire: discover new terraces and revisit your favorites. Which one will you choose for your next afternoon of [...]

Canal Lounge Café: A Little Bit of Amsterdam on the Lachine Canal

With its kiosks of fresh produce, fine cheeses, beautiful flowers and plenty of other goods, there’s no need to explain why the Atwater Market is so loved by [...]

Les Sœurs Grises: Old Montreal Craft Beers

In the midst of the historic buildings and office towers of Old Montreal, a pleasant, casual spot deserves a detour: Les Soeurs Grises Bistro-Brewery. Open 5 years, [...]

Eat Light this Summer at These 3 Montreal Salad Restaurants!

Summertime means light, fresh and sunny meals. That's why we went hunting for better salads: full of vitamins and healthy surprises! Our choice fell on two [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Les Glaceurs

Montrealers are known for having a sweet tooth, which is undoubtedly why our town is full of cafés and pastry shops. Old Montreal is no exception! We tried Les [...]

Outdoor Circuit: Staying Fit in the Heart of Griffintown

Summer has finally arrived and meteorologists announced it will be even warmer than the past two years. If, like us, you preferred to spend your winter slumped on your [...]

5 Reasons for a Filipino Brunch at Griffintown’s Junior

In the mood for brunch but tired of the same old eggs benedict, bacon and pancakes? Looking for some exotic cuisine to add to your plate? Look no further, we have the [...]

Boucherie Grinder: The Best Aged Meat in Griffintown

Specialty shops are often the key to an exciting street life. Griffintown carnivores are beyond well taken care of in this respect thanks to Boucherie Grinder [...]

3 Montreal Bike Shops to Visit this Summer!

With the arrival of warm weather, Montreal and its 730 kilometers of bicycle paths become a playground for bicyclists. Whether discovering or exploring the city, a [...]

Bassins du Havre hosts its 3rd annual Popup Gallery

For the third consecutive year, the sales office of Bassins du Havre is hosting Robin Robert Fine Art., an international company based in Montreal [...]

The 4 Best Places to Eat Along the Lachine Canal

What better way to spend a hot sunny spring day than go walking along the Lachine Canal! Searching for new foods we could enjoy on the go, we decided to focus on [...]

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