The construction of the Pier 2b of Bassins du Havre is on!

This past February 10th, Prével and Rachel Julien broke ground on the future site of Pier 2b of Bassins du Havre. "We are very pleased to announce the ground [...]

Meet one of our residents: comedian Jay Du Temple

Ambitious and carrying a very prominent beard, Jeremy Du Temple-Quirion, now known as Jay Du Temple, is part of the changing face of the comedy movement in Quebec.This [...]

Concordia University: Activities and Events for All

Shaughnessy is a neighborhood blessed by the presence of a vibrant and diverse student community. Indeed, the three main educational institutions around here are: [...]

Arsenal: The best of modern art in Griffintown

It’s a must-see for many in the neighborhood!Founded in 2012 and housed in a former shipyard, the building's architecture is worth the visit. With over [...]

Ludovik: Great Decorations at Great Prices

When he first moved to his new shop, Benoit Lacas was a little anxious. Back in 2009, he had a great location in a residential area on Mountain Street and was quite [...]

You can’t go wrong at Foxy

The names Olive and Gourmando sound familiar to many Montrealers. Indeed, the mythical coffee, sandwich and pastry counter opened its doors 18 years ago on St. Paul [...]

The Pepin Shop: A One-Stop-Shop for You and Your Home

The history of the Pepin Shop, who, thanks to their well established reputation, is now a landmark on St. Paul Street in Old Montreal, is the story of a family who [...]

A chat with the owners of BLOME Blow Dry and Nail Bar

What makes a neighborhood stand out, so much that we go back or even decide to settle down? The answer: the services and proximity to everything! Old Montreal is the [...]

An Evening Under the Stars in the Heart of Griffintown

“10 000 stories is an initiative from Prével highlighting the delivery of our 10 000th home. Each week we’ll be sharing new and interesting stories from [...]

7 Shops to Discover in Westmount

The phrase "Go west young man" is often credited to the American author Horace Greeley, who was referring to the expansion of the American West in the 19th [...]

Yoga, Boxing and TRX Training at the New Studio Breathe in Griffintown!

As winter approaches we must adapt and rethink our workout routines. The Lachine Canal is no longer your best option, as kayaking ended in September and pretty soon [...]

Pastries and Wine Tasting with Patrice Pâtissier!

Patrice Pâtissier, located in Griffintown, is much more than just a pastry and dessert shop, it’s also a classroom for exploring different wines and [...]

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