3 Montreal Bike Shops to Visit this Summer!

With the arrival of warm weather, Montreal and its 730 kilometers of bicycle paths become a playground for bicyclists. Whether discovering or exploring the city, a [...]

Bassins du Havre hosts its 3rd annual Popup Gallery

For the third consecutive year, the sales office of Bassins du Havre is hosting Robin Robert Fine Art., an international company based in Montreal [...]

Le Serpent: A Contemporary Restaurant with Italian Flavors

Nestled in the former Darling Foundry, Le Serpent is among the many neighborhood restaurants with a well-established reputation…and for good reason! Tempted to [...]

Crew: Paradise for Freelance Workers

Stormed by the self-employed seeking inspiring places that are conducive to productivity, the cafés have, somehow, become their new office. They don’t hide, [...]

Phi Centre – Where Technology Meets Culture

Are you passionate about culture and technology? If the answer is yes, a stop at the Phi Centre on 407 St. Pierre Street in Old Montreal is a must!This [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Brit & Chips in Old Montreal

The comfort food and the captivating atmosphere of English pubs probably explain why people love coming here. People love unpretentious places where you feel good! If [...]

1700 La Poste in Griffintown: Making New With the Old

In addition to antique shops, cafes, boutiques and restaurants, the famous Notre-Dame Street in the heart of Griffintown also hosts an art gallery worth visiting! [...]

5 Old Montreal Buildings with Breathtaking Architecture

A district always in high demand, Old Montreal is characterized as much by tourists as by its residents and its unique scalable architecture and rich history. The [...]

Le Upstairs: Shaughnessy’s Authentic Jazz Bar

Go to the Upstairs, located close to you in Shaughnessy Village, and discover the biggest names in Jazz in a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of 1920’s New York!The [...]

McAuslan Brewery: For the Love of Beer

For over 25 years, McAuslan Brewery has produced quality beers that are internationally acclaimed. In 1989, Peter McAuslan left his administrative job, and, encouraged [...]

Roberto Porres, the passionate entrepreneur behind Barroco and Bocata

Born of an American mother and a Guatemalan father, nothing predicted that Roberto Porres, the restaurateur behind Barroco and Bocata, would come to Quebec [...]

The MUST Company Reinvents the Deco Experience in Griffintown

In recent years Griffintown has experienced a major expansion of local stylish deco stores, including the arrival of such hot shops as  West Elm, Beige [...]

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