Pilates Success: Passion, Training, and Well-Being

Establishing a sport or fitness routine to avoid the metro-work-sleep cycle has become one of the main challenges of contemporary city life ... The ideal activity... Read more

In Search of the Stories and Legends of Griffintown

At the Sainte-Anne church ruins, on the corner of Mountain and Basin Streets, our guide Robusquet tells us how only a few years ago a man walking on the street saw a... Read more

Launch of Phase 3 of the 21e arrondissement, at the crossroads of Griffintown and Old Montréal

This past Thursday, February 2nd, our team welcomed more than 180 people to the exclusive launch of Phase 3 of the 21e arrondissement.It was a festive 5 @ 7, and... Read more

Final 2016 Update

Final blog of the year, and a great opportunity to wish you a holiday season filled with joy! But before we take a well-deserved break, here's an update... Read more

2016 Edition: Feed the Holiday Spirit with Prével

For the fifth consecutive year, Prével is helping Moisson Montréal collect non-perishable food and monetary donations which are used for Christmas baskets for the... Read more

Unveiling of plans and prices of Pier 4 of Bassins du Havre

This past Thursday, November 17th, our team was pleased to welcome more than 200 guests at the official unveiling of the plans and prices for Pier 4, the final phase... Read more

Tejano BBQ Burrito opens up in the 21e Arrondissement

There are lots of exciting things happening in the 21e arrondissement project in Old Montreal. Shortly after the opening of Cafe District, a little earlier this Fall,... Read more

Code Ambiance: Exceptional Wine Cellar & French Cuisine  

And for good reason: Bastien Gérard, the manager of this French restaurant, "fell right into it when he was just a child". The son of butchers, going back 6 ... Read more

The Top Three Student Pubs on Crescent

With the new school year comes more bars and terraces!There are plenty of places to have a drink downtown, but when it comes to student bars, there’s no place... Read more

John Sonnasinh: Conductor of the Bassins du Havre Orchestra

Beyond the comfort and warmth of the sales offices, there is the heart of the operation, the construction site: where the project takes shape with poured concrete... Read more

Wawel & Al-Baghdadi: Two Unforgettable Montreal Pastry Shops

Shaugnessy is a paradise for those who love cuisines from around the world. The endless supply of restaurants represent almost every corner of the globe and fit all... Read more

Stockmarkt: Griffintown’s Timeless Fashion Boutique

For three years now, Stockmarkt has dressed Griffintown’s young professionals and fashionistas looking for rare brands. The near-constant sales are just one of... Read more

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