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45 of shared new bonds woven

Celebrating our 45th anniversary together

Thinking about space one person at a time

For over four decades, at Prével, we have crafted a story shaped by a collective and unifying “we.” In this special year, marking our 45th anniversary, we invite you to rediscover our story, marked by a shared love for urban living and an unwavering passion for people.

Every project begins with a simple idea: reimagining urban spaces to infuse them with a unique personality, a soul that resonates with every individual who is part of it.

Today, we are proud to look back and see a mosaic of projects that embody our commitment to the community.

Throughout the years, we have brought iconic spaces to life, such as The Lowney and 21e Arrondissement. Today, we continue to build on this vision with projects like Esplanade Cartier, a vibrant place of colors and activities, and Quartier Général, a space filled with freshness near the Lachine Canal. These spaces, among many others, reflect our dedication to creating vibrant and diverse communities.

Every space we create is an invitation to dialogue.

An opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with citizens, revealing our intentions, emotions, and impressions to the community, residents, and partners, enabling everyone to understand our essence and vision. Our adventure would not be complete without the enduring partnerships we have forged, contributing to the vibrancy and vitality of the neighborhoods.

As we celebrate this significant milestone today, we warmly thank you for every shared smile.

Your trust has been our pillar, allowing us to grow and thrive together. Thank you for being part of the Prével family, where each unique “me” contributes to our great “we”.

Lastly, we invite you to discover the artwork created for our 45th anniversary in collaboration with artist Marc-Olivier Lamothe. He has successfully captured the colorful personality of Prével and its ode to urban living. Using the frenetic energy of a city as a backdrop throughout the seasons, the artist has played with Montreal symbols, even integrating playful references to Prével’s achievements within this vibrant urban waltz.

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