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Feed the Holiday Spirit with Prével and Moisson Montréal

Be generous! They're counting on us all!
Feed the Holiday Spirit with Prével and Moisson Montréal

For the past 6 years Prével has been participating in Moisson Montréal’s “Feed the Holiday Spirit” campaign, which invites all Montrealers to collect food and / or money which is then used to provide holiday baskets to Montrealers in need.

How do I participate?

  • By bringing non-perishable food to one of our sales offices or our head office (you will find the addresses at the end of this email).
  • By making an online monetary donation here. As we do every year, Prével is committed to matching (and thus doubling) the amount collected.
  • By buying one of theirs recipes in jar or private wine importer or greeting cards. Check out the catalog to choose your gift here.

Their goal is to raise $150,000 and make 18,000 baskets.
Last year, thanks to your generosity, we donated $7,650 used for purchasing and distributing baskets. Thanks to  the organization’s multiplier effect, your donations will allow them to feed 150 families of 4 for over a year!

We’re counting on you to beat our record and help Moisson Montréal achieve their goals!

Sales Office Addresses:

Moisson Montréal by the numbers:

  • 241 community organizations served on a regular basis (and 55 on an ad hoc basis) on the Island of Montreal;

  • 137,000 people, including nearly 41,500 children (one-third of beneficiaries), helped each month through these organizations;

  • 15.6 million kilograms of food and other essentials distributed, representing a monetary value of $85 million;

  • 303 agri-food suppliers donating food;

  • 11,012 volunteers who gave nearly 101,000 hours towards the mission, an essential contribution that represents 47 full-time employees.

Visit Moisson Montréal website to find out more about the organization and their mission.

Be generous! We’re counting on you!

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