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Le Hideout: Griffintown’s New Beauty Refuge

Tous les services beauté sous un même toit
Le hideout repere beaute de griffintown

Gaze out of the bay windows from the ground floor of Lowney sur ville and you’ll spot the warm, trendy decor of Le Hideout, Griffintown’s new beauty refuge.

How a chance manicure appointment lead to an entrepreneurial adventure

Before settling into her career, Charlotte would frequent nail salons. Unfortunately, one of her visits didn’t end so well. It was then that she decided to learn the trade herself. She acquired an esthetics diploma and honed her craft at a salon in Repentigny

“What I like most about my job, besides the artistic side of it, is the bond I make with each client. I’m happy to call everyone I serve a friend.”
– Charlotte, co-founder of Le Hideout

Martine got into the world of makeup by chance. Self-taught, her talent led her to work for MAC. Since day one, Martine’s greatest joy on the job is watching her clients’ faces light up when rediscovering themselves in the mirror.

“Do what you love, love what you do!” That’s this dynamic duo’s philosophy.

When Martine was looking for a new esthetician, she happened upon Charlotte. Martine, whose daughter is serendipitously also named Charlotte, notes that the two hit it off immediately. Yet as friendly as the encounter was, neither woman expected that the appointment would one day lead to a successful business and beauty venture.

Le Hideout: a refuge dedicated to making Griffintown women feel good

Over their many encounters, Charlotte would chat with Martine about wanting to one day open her own beauty salon. At the time, Charlotte lived in Old Montreal and was frustrated by the lack of quality salons in the neighbourhood.

Charlotte dreamed up a refuge where women could slow down, shoot the breeze and get the weight of the world of their shoulders. Martine was sold on the vision. A year later, Le Hideout was born.

The duo donning helmets to see their vision through

Certainly, the hunt for the perfect locale led to a lot of dead ends. But eventually, the duo found refuge in the still-under-construction Lowney sur ville. They saw that the district was about to explode and made it their mission to settle here.

All wellbeing needs served under one roof

Le Hideout is a getaway for all women. Here, no matter what your day was like, you’ll leave feeling fully refreshed and extra confident.

“When I’m making up a woman, I really have to get into her headspace. Clients sit down with hang-ups and insecurities totally unique to them. My job is to study and work with their distinct traits and help them realize their own beauty.”
– Martine

Here, you’ll find every service related to women’s beauty and wellbeing: manicures, pedicures, makeup, facials, microblading (an ancient Japanese technique that gives you permanent, well-defined and extremely natural eyebrows), eyelash extensions, spray tanning, etc. (full menu here). The services are offered by a team of 15 girls, each one up-to-date with the latest health-and-beauty trends.

With more than 68 colours to choose from, Le Hideout covers the full beauty spectrum
Ready to be beautified?

Martine’s kit features a vibrant melange of professional cosmetics brands. Throughout the course of her career, she has carefully selected her favourite items from different beauty-industry leaders. Always using CND hypoallergenic varnishes, Martine determines which products to apply based on the nature of the nail and the type of technique it requires. For pedicures, the team works with Footlogix. For face care, Anesi. And before using a product on their clients, Le Hideout’s girls always first test it on themselves.

Modern, welcoming, refined

The care and attention given to Le Hideout’s decor is a testament to its quality of services. It was designed by Guillaume Ménard, founder of Atelier Mainor and brainchild behind the looks of Voskins and Blossom Bar. The space is built around a magnificent pink column, which serves as both a display area and make-up station. The pedicure station features tailor-made seats—pretty, pink, and plush. Also on site are different manicure stations and three beautiful treatment rooms. But most of all, we’re in love with the waiting area. Situated at the entrance, it features a big pink sofa where you just want to kick back and chit-chat with the girls.

The pedicure station features tailor-made seats—pretty, pink, and plush
What better way to unwind than with a manicure?
A striking tapestry

We invite you to take the trip to this new salon, meet its beautiful team, and treat yourself to something really special!

Practical Info

Booking a treatment:

Business hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Saturday – 10 am to 6 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 10 am to 9 pm

Upcoming events:

The girls are planning to celebrate Le Hideout’s grand opening! For all event info, follow them on Facebook:

And don’t forget to stay up-to-date on Instagram:


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