Welcome Tax

As soon as we discuss property, with anyone from a real-estate professional to your brother-in-law, the conversation inevitably ends with a question: “Did you... Read more

The General Meeting

When most co-owners have taken possession of the units of a new condominium building, the general meeting of co-owners can be held. It is important to be part of this... Read more

Case Study on the Dreams of a Tenant

"I am a young tenant and have managed to put aside some money myself or with the help of my parents. I wonder if I have enough savings to buy my own apartment.... Read more

What Is a Declaration of Co-Ownership?

I get asked frequently about the declaration of co-ownership. Notaries and lawyers could easily develop on this matter for hours. I’ll limit myself to the... Read more

What You Should Know about the Role of the Notary in Buying a New Condo

The notary is a key player in purchasing a property, from start to finish. But what exactly are their roles in buying a new condo?For many first time buyers, the role... Read more

Buying a Condo: Why Choose the Project’s Bank?

In most cases when buying real estate, banks offer a guaranteed interest rate on a mortgage approval for a period of 3 months. This standard is different for new condo ... Read more

5 Reasons Why Buying New Is Best

A condo is a great investmentThe value of your property will increase over time. Right now, buying a condo is one of the best investments you can make. Financial... Read more

6 Useful Websites If You're Looking To Buy A Condo In Montreal

To find information on buying a condo and on life in a condo from a legal perspective: To understand the Canadian Home... Read more

4 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Financing A Condo:

 How much do I have to pay before actually moving into my condo?Financing your condo is normally divided in two phases: a down payment, which is the deposit made... Read more

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Co-Ownership

 What is a divided co-ownership dwelling (condo)? A co-ownership dwelling is a collection of private living quarters owned by, and for the exclusive use ... Read more

8 Questions You Should Ask The Salesperson When Visiting A Condo Project

1- What is included in the cost of the condo?To compare the costs of different projects, you need to know if the cost includes taxes, tax deductions and parking fees,... Read more
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