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Updates from Le Seville: Phase 3


By Louis P. Paquette It is with a lot of pleasure that we address in this post the evolution of the construction work at the Seville Project. Things are progressing very well! We’ve reached Phase 3 and welcomed recently two distinguished guests.

Indeed, the Bank of Montreal moved in only a few weeks ago, and the Starbucks Cafe opened its doors to the public in the last couple of days.

I met recently with Patrice and Sabrina, two staff members at Starbucks. They say the whole team is very excited to meet with their new customers and the residents of the Shaughnessy neighbourhood. During my early visit, numerous coffee lovers were in line to get their favorite morning beverage from one of the most reputed coffee banner. It’s a strong start and we wish them a great deal of success and lots of fun.

On our side, the construction team of Prevel has redoubled their efforts to finalize the 3rd tower, which will be located at the intersection of St. Catherine and Lambert-Closse streets. Here is a brief overview of the progression of the construction work at the site of Phase 3:

  • The installation of the inside partitions is completed up to the 21st floor
  • The installation of the party walls is being completed in the condos of the 20th floor
  • The laying of the ceramic tiles has started in the condos of the 14th floor
  • The kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets are in place up to the 12th floor
  • The laying of the hard wood flooring is in progress in the condos of the 3rd floor
  • The coating work is officially completed on St. Catherine Street
  • The masonry work will be completed on Lambert-Closse Street and in the interior garden in the next few days
  • And let’s not forget the great work that is being done at the gym and at the rooftop terrace!

But the best is yet to come. Deliveries will start as soon as the first week of June. They will continue until November. And for Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts, the Adonis Market will celebrate its grand opening at the ground floor of the Seville, just in time for July picnics. Enjoy! Louis

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