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Three Spots to Replenish Your Energy in Shaughnessy

Enjoy these three charming restaurants
Trois adresses où refaire le plein d’énergie à Shaughnessy

Are you one of those people who swallows your sandwich practically whole while answering a couple of emails? Or maybe you grab fast food at the nearest spot so you can quickly get back to work? With our fast-paced lives these days, we don’t always take the time to eat well. If this sounds like you, rest assured it is possible to eat healthy on the go in Shaughnessy Village! Here are three places to enjoy your next lunch.

Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Coffee: A Concordia student hot spot

You have to look closely to see the sign for Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Coffee, located on the edge of Mackay Street. If the place seems modest from the outside, you’ll quickly be surprised when you walk into this modernly designed, large café. The setting is also very warm: red brick wall, menus on slate and padded seats. All elements combine to create a very cozy atmosphere. No wonder the Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Coffee quickly became a hit among students.

Slate tables and a cozy atmosphere: everything comes together perfectly
in this setting that screams tranquility and studying!

You won’t be too surprised that we ate … bagels! If you love bagels than there’s no question that you need to stop by this place and rediscover the bagel in its many forms. Delivered fresh from St-Viateur bagel every morning, we propose trying the BLT, always a classic. The adventurous won’t have trouble going for the spicy chicken, and for those looking for something a little fancier, try the smoked salmon. The most popular bagels are P’tit québec, an improved BLT, the Sherbrooke, with its spicy chicken and caramelized onions, and the Alaska, with smoked salmon. They also thought of vegetarians with their Veggie, consisting of avocados, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, provolone and honey mustard! You can take a look at the menu here.

In short, there is something for all tastes at Hinnawi Bros Bagel & Coffee. It’s the ideal place for everyone, from students who wants to study in peace to the average worker who wants to take their meal to go!

Le P’tit Québec, an improved BLT that is sure to satisfy your hunger!

La panthère verte (Green Panther): for vegetarians in a hurry

The Green Panther is definitely an address worth discovering in Shaughnessy. We recommend them for their fresh and tasty food … but especially for the falafels, the Middle Eastern specialty that’s been recognized as the best in Montreal by Cult MTL for the past 5 years. If you’ve tasted it you know their reputation is absolutely warranted! Accompanied by sauces, one tastier than the next, the falafels are literally an explosion of flavor. And what about the salads that come on the side? We really enjoyed the sweet potatoes and lettuce. Everything is fresh and really revitalizing. In short, not the kind of lunch that will put you to sleep an hour later!

A plate of falafels accompanied by a choice of two salads!

And to drink? Take advantage of your outing and grab a vitamin smoothie! We tried the chai bella, a pure delight with chai tea, coconut milk, bananas and Goji berries. With a wide variery of wisely chosen ingredients, the smoothie menu will definitely make you want to try them all!

The Green Panther, an unpretentious place to discover vegetarian dishes!

In addition to offering delicious food, the restaurant has a special mission: respecting our environment and minimizing their ecological footprint. You won’t find any avocados at the Green Panther, the fruit isn’t a local ingredient!

The Green Panther is definitely the ideal stop for hungry people who are also environmentally conscious.

A take-out bar for workers in a rush!

Café Aunja: lunch for romantics

A well-kept secret in Shaughnessy, Café Aunja definitely knows how to warm you up on those cold winter days! The small café, which opened its doors three years ago, is a calm, serene and romantic spot. The decor immediately charmed us. A place worthy of Pinterest, really.

Romantic: one way to perfectly describe the atmosphere at Café Aunja!

A vintage decor to die for. We love it.

The Persian café offers a variety of sandwiches, including the popular avocado sandwich. The owners of the restaurant wanted to adapt to local demands by offering a menu with simple and comforting dishes.

A simple sandwich for avocado lovers!

If you have a little more time, warm up with their herbal tea served in a mason jar. Their herbal teas, which are a house specialty, are a heartwarming (literally!) must. We tried ginger tea, a tea which even the most ferocious cold can’t resist! We also tried the persian-scented herbal tea, whose rose water aroma cast a spell on us!

Warm yourself with a cup of herbal tea from Café Aunja! Here we have persian herbal tea.

Go there to warm up, to let the cozy atmosphere consume you … but be careful if you’re in a hurry, you may be tempted to hang around a while!

Hinnawi Bros Bagel & café

2002, Mackay Street

La Panthère Verte (Green Panther)

2153, Mackay Street

Café Aunja

1448, Sherbrooke Street West

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