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Sugar Shack at the Atwater Market!

The old Quebec tradition just steps from your home
Vendredi 18 mars c’est la cabane à sucre du Marché Atwater. Un parcours gourmand dédié aux produits à l’érable! Goûtez-y!

The arrival of spring is synonymous with “sugaring off” in Quebec. Gathering around a rich meal, singing and dancing to folk music, a Quebec tradition that will go on forever.

Did you know it takes between 30 and 40 litres of sap to make only one litre of maple syrup!

The origins of this tradition date back well before the French arrival on North American soil. It was the natives who first discovered the process of extracting tree sap. While the methods were very simple at the time, they were refined greatly during the nineteenth century. That’s when the modern “sugar shack” became popular. The tradition, more present than ever in Quebec culture, has also become a tourist attraction and an economic niche. Over 60% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec.

No need to venture out to the country, public markets have brought the maple tradition to Montreal.

For those who don’t have the time to get lost in maple forests, Montreal’s markets offer city dwellers all the sugar and maple syrup they want!

The Atwater Market’s 4 @ 7 food gatherings are back!

For the 2016 sugar season, the Atwater Market is organizing the Maple Party Time this Friday, March 18th. Get ready for a 4 @ 7 in a warm and authentic atmosphere, perfect for a festive evening with a taste of sugar!

On the menu:

  • Ham from Boucherie les 2 Frères (butchers)

  • Baked beans and pork pâté from Boucherie Bélanger

  • Maple beer from Fromagerie Atwater (Cheeserie)

  • Maple chocolates from Geneviève Grandbois Chocolates

  • Crispy pork rinds from Boucherie Claude et Henri

  • Maple butter and syrup from Douceurs du Marché

  • Maple pecans from Noix du Marché (nuts)

  • Maple and mousse rabbit pâté from Terrines & Pâtés

  • Maple candies from Ferme Fernand Théorêt

All accompanied by traditional music from Quebec duo La Belle et la Brette, a traditional Montreal music duo whose repertoire is inspired by the great violinists. A great opportunity to discover new dances like the jig and the hornpipe.

An appetizing 4 @ 7 in a warm and authentic atmosphere.
Come and try some maple covered snow.

For the modest entry fee of $5 you have access to all tastings and cocktails. In addition, each coupon means $1 donated to the Garde-Manger pour tous (Food pantry for all), a Montreal organization producing and distributing hot and balanced meals to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

And much more!

Will you join us?

More info?

  • Bring money, you can only pay with cash

Another festive event will take place at the Jean Talon Market on Thursday, March 17th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

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