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Prével’s Retirement Complexes


By Louis P. Paquette Every survey will tell you, the Canadian population, much like most populations from other developed countries in Europe and America, is getting older and older. In Canada, the proportion of individuals comprised in the above 65 years old group of age has gone through an impressive 14,1% increase between 2006 and 2011, which represents a total of 5 million Canadians. This reality has major impacts on society. For example, in Quebec alone, approximately 1 million workers will leave the labour market by 2020, according to an article by Yves Therrien, based on data provided by the Centre d’études sur l’emploi et la technologie and on stats compiled by the Régie des rentes du Québec. I approached this subject recently in conversations with customers from Le Seville, particularly from the stand point of the offer of retirement homes in the Greater Montreal Area. It is certainly a growing preoccupation for many of us who will have to see to our parents and/or grand-parents needs in a foreseeable future. During these conversations, many people were surprised to learn that the Groupe Prével has a division that specializes in the field of retirement complexes. Prével Retraite offers many complexes in and around Montreal: Le Cambridge – In Pointe-Claire Le Cherbourg 1 – on the shores of the St.Lawrence River, in Brossard Le Cherbourg 2 – also on the shores of the River, in Brossard Le Graham – in the heart of Town of Mount Royal Prével Retraite is also present in the media, particularly with a T.V ad campaign aired in the last few months both on Anglophone and Francophone channels. Prével Retraite is also active on the Web, with a website and a blog. Both emphasise on the uniqueness of our approach and on the unparalleled quality of the services offered in the complexes. These include healthy and gastronomical menus, modern and well designed apartments, and a wide offer of cultural, social and physical activities. On the blog, you’ll find all sorts of posts that address subjects such as the art of growing old in beauty and healthy. Don’t hesitate to follow Prével Retraite on this blog to find out more on this art of living. Many of these simple tricks might prove to be useful even at a young age! Louis

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