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Lola Rosa: A New Vegetarian Experience in Old Montreal!

A new restaurant, which also serves as a local gourmet grocer, is now in the 21e arrondissement.
le lola rose du 21e arrondissement

Local residents and business people can rejoice in the opening of Lola Rosa, one of Montreal’s most popular vegetarian restaurants. And don’t forget, it wasn’t until the 21e arrondissement came along, at the crossroads of Old Montreal and Griffintown, that they decided to settle in the neighborhood.

“There was a lack of affordable dining options in Old Montreal. We wanted to create an opportunity for young professionals and local residents to eat better, and at a lower price.” Éric Bieunais, co-owner of Lola Rosa.

The counter corner, both traditional and modern, with 3 high tables.

A counter restaurant, but also a local gourmet grocer  

The Lola Rosa branch in Old Montreal, unlike the other two branches, offers customers, in addition to the restaurant, a gourmet grocer and a delivery service!

Therefore you have two options: dishes cooked at the restaurant or buy the ingredients to make the recipes at home.

It was the local gourmet grocer that was lacking for residents of the neighborhood, where everything is homemade and conservative. All grocery products are top quality, fresh and just as tasty as those offered in the restaurant. You’ll find, among other products, Masson pots of curry sauce, salsa sauces and of course, vegan Nutella!

The goal? Enjoy the restaurant’s flavors, but 30% to 50% cheaper.

You’ll find everything you need to make Lola Rosa’s dishes at home.
Discover fresh salads from the take-away corner.

A warm and welcoming counter experience

Day or night you can enjoy their healthy dishes filled with flavors that make Lola Rosa famous: hempburger, burrito, quesadilla, lasagna, nachos, curry with mango (a must try!!), etc.

Settle into one of the three high tables, painted in Lola Rosa’s colors, and enjoy!

Mango curry, a must-try!

A comforting, natural atmosphere

The restaurant has soothing decorations, predominated by white, wood, metal and salmon color.

Small words and poems on the walls and left by guests in the drawers add a touch of charm to the place. The atmosphere in the restaurant is just like the food: simple, natural and comforting.

A new delivery service

Have a craving for lasagna with spinach and mushrooms, or a good hempburger, but don’t feel like going outside in a snow storm? Not a problem! The Old Montreal branch will deliver in the area between Ste. Catherine, Atwater, Richardson and St Hubert.

A big new development that will delight more than a few!

Corporate lunches rethought!

Additionally, Lola Rosa in the 21e arrondissement has adapted to its clientele of young executives by offering group meals in the form of dishes meant to be shared by four people.

You can also customize your dish, with more than 20 choices, a system that reduces waste and costs.

Discover the many delicious sauces available at the counter!
La cuisine du lola rosa du vieux montreal
Lola Rosa is located at the 21e arrondissement in Old Montreal.

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