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Investing in Sustainable Development


The following is a reflection presented by Prével as part of the “Plan métropolitain d’aménagement et de développement” consultation.

Investing with those who have already chosen sustainable development

“As a real-estate developer, Prével has focused on sustainable development by encouraging people, especially young buyers through attractive and accessible products, to live in Montreal, thus avoiding urban sprawl. If they enjoy the benefits of downtown at a young age, it is likely that they will want to live in the heart of Montreal all their life. Our clients have their pick of numerous projects, all in the center of Montreal. These include : Le Lowney, which is at the heart of a revitalized Griffintown; Impérial Lofts, the transformation of an old tobacco factory in Saint-Henri, next to the Atwater Market; Le Seville, located directly on Saint-Catherine street in Shaughnessy Village; and the Bassins du Havre, on the edge of the Lachine Canal, just a few steps from downtown. These new Montrealers have avoided the drawbacks of urban sprawl, instead choosing to live comfortably and peacefully in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

Due to higher land and construction costs in the city as compared to the suburbs, they paid more for their homes than their suburban counterparts. They also pay higher taxes, and thus contribute substantially to the sustainable development of Montreal, much more so than their counterparts who live on the north or south shore. With that in mind, we must reward those who have opted to live in Montreal : we must assure Montrealers a better quality of life in their daily travels. We must put forth our best efforts to ensure a better, more efficient public transportation system, which is crucial for sustainable and ecological development.

Thus, it is essential that a substantial amount of funds be invested in improving urban infrastructure, especially in the city center. We at Prével strongly encourage the continued devlopment of public transportation for those who live in the suburbs. We believe that public transportation in the city center must be capable of serving them when they commute to the island everyday. The city must ensure that they can be directed to different corners of the island, especially where there is inadequate transportation infrastructure. Instead of spreading money around greater Montreal, the city would benefit enormously by concentrating on improving services in the heart of Montreal. You must focus on those responsible citizens, who everyday contribute to the sustainable development of Montreal by buying and investing in projects that promote an urban lifestyle, have LEED certification, and favor the construction of social housing. In short, the necessary funds should be provided so as to ensure a quick and efficient public transportation system in the heart of Montreal. You will, in effect, be encouraging Montrealers to choose sustainable development through an urban lifestyle and convince suburbanites to choose public transportation.”

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