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Henden Bar: Griffintown’s Newest ‘Hidden’ Bar

A new bar has opened in Griffintown!
Discrètement caché sous l’aile du Bird-Bar, le Henden Bar nous emmène dans l’ambiance feutrée des années 70.

For almost two years now, Montreal has seen an emergence of semi-hidden (or very discreet) bars inspired by the speakeasies that were so common during prohibition. While we may no longer need to evade the law to have a drink, we love discovering these secretive establishments, sheltered from view and cloaked in a mysterious atmosphere! In keeping with this theme, we decided to check out Hinden, a classic speakeasy style pub discretely tucked under Bird Bar.

Henden emerges from behind an unassuming wall…

Behind the curtains, a recognized entrepreneur

The brains behind Henden Bar belong to businesswoman Kimberly Lallouz, known for, among other things, her TV show Zeste, the caterer Miss Prêt-à-Manger (Ready-to-Eat), Resto-bar Monsieur, and more recently, for the Bird Bar restaurant. Created in collaboration with the Gauley Brothers, who oversaw design and decoration, Henden has been a total success since opening less than two months ago.

You’ll discover a small room that’s enchantingly elegant.

A Speakeasy right out of 1970’s Morocco

Inside Bird Bar, down an inconspicuous passage, you’ll discover what can only be described as a classic, relaxed speakeasy. Far from the 1920’s or 30’s atmosphere that some bars like to revive, the Gauley Brothers (who also did the decoration at Foiegwa and the Atwater Cocktail Club, which we have previously written about) and Kimberly Lallouz transport customers to 1970’s Morocco, but with a sexy, mysterious touch inspired by the Playboy Mansion …

The burnt orange color of the sofas and middle-eastern elements make you travel in time…

An intimate atmosphere

Kimberly Lallouz’s middle-eastern inspirations are visible throughout: a large Moroccan rug, a few comfortable low stools, and a large 70’s style orange velvet sofa/bench along the walls. The natural stone walls and ceiling curtains are very appropriate for the somewhat clandestine character of the place, creating a singular atmosphere that’s extremely inviting.

The cocktails at Henden are as chic as the restaurant itself…

Experienced hands

The final side of this splendid little square room, the bar contains a magnificent cellar as well as the best bottles for satisfying all your cocktail desires. Our barmaid Sarah had to only ask a few questions to create custom cocktails for us, a real pleasure!

On the wine side you’ll find the Bird Bar menu, which also has nearly a dozen kinds of champagne.

Bird Bar’s diverse menu pairs wonderfully with the cocktails from Henden.

Bird Bar takes care of your taste buds

This young hidden bar is following in the footsteps of its big brother, Bird Bar, and will eventually serve some easy-to-eat items on its own menu. In the meantime, the Bird Bar’s extensive experience is already well-known. We were tempted by the oysters with jalapeno as well as onion toast confit accompanying baked bone marrow, a truly guilty pleasure! We also advise you to try their chicken, the restaurant’s most famous dish, which, like most of their menu, goes easily with a drink!

Bird Bar / Henden Bar

1800, Notre-Dame St. West

Photo credits: Frederic Ryan – Instagram (@feddomtl)   

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