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Gabrielle’s Best 5 @ 7 Spots in Griffintown

Le Vin Papillon, the ideal wine bar for relaxing after work!
Les meilleurs spots de Gabrielle Savoie pour un 5 à 7 réussi dans Griffintown.

Middle of the week; the perfect time to disrupt your work routine and enjoy a nice 5 @ 7! It’s here, at Le Vin Papillon, a restaurant with one of the best wine selections around, we are awaiting Gabrielle Savoie, a 29 year old resident of Lowney sur Ville.  

Le Vin Papillon, a go-to spot for Gabrielle Savoie and her friends.

Gathered with some friends, Gabrielle is undoubtedly the master of the 5 @ 7 and knows all the new restaurants.

“It’s rare that my friends and I find ourselves at the same place again and again. I love trying new restaurants!”

Yet Le Vin Papillon seems to be one of the go-to spots for this interior design editor, as she knows everything about the place.

“You have to try the classic ham, it’s an absolute MUST, you don’t have a choice!”

Indeed, it’s inevitable if you step into Le Vin Papillon. Topped with cheddar and brown butter, the thinly sliced ham melts in your mouth and is absolute perfection. Accompanied by a glass of wine, it’s the perfect entrée to share!

Topped with cheddar and brown butter, the classic ham is absolute perfection

While it’s only been a few months since Gabrielle moved to Lowney, you get the feeling she has already discovered the best of Griffintown and its many attractions.

“My favorite place near Lowney sur Ville is definitely Le Serpent! I go there for dinner, but also just to have a final late night drink with a small entrée. Everything is good, you can’t go wrong there.”

New in the neighborhood, Gabrielle recommends her friends also go to Le Fantôme. “It’s really great, you absolutely must go!”

“The wine is like putting words into feelings…” – Plume Latraverse

Seated around the delicious smokehouse trout at Le Vin Papillon, we continue to talk food and neighborhood discoveries, but also about Gabrielle’s job as the decoration and lifestyle editor for the site My Domaine. With very busy days and often working on California time, Gabrielle prefers late nights and eating out after dark. “We often have to go for dinner after 8:30pm! I also go for 5 @ 7’s or evenings at the restaurant, but I know that I always have to get back to work afterwards!”

Le Vin Papillon, 2519 Notre-Dame Street West

If this restaurant doesn’t happen to tickle your fancy, this decorative connoisseur still keeps some restaurants on a wish list. “I have to go try the Montreal Plaza soon. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll go there next week! Alternatively, Tommy and Le Mal Nécessaire are also on my list.”

Some excellent, and mouth-watering, suggestions!

Gabrielle’s Spots:

Vin Papillon
2519, rue Notre-Dame ouest

Le Fantôme
1832, rue William

Le Serpent
257, rue Prince

Montréal Plaza
6230, rue Saint-Hubert

200, rue Notre-Dame ouest

Le Mal Nécessaire
1106-B, boul. Saint-Laurent


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