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An Evening Under the Stars in the Heart of Griffintown

A Modern Day Urban Fairy Tale

“10 000 stories is an initiative from Prével highlighting the delivery of our 10 000th home. Each week we’ll be sharing new and interesting stories from different Prével owners.”

In 2008, Caroline, a medical student, owned a small loft in Phase 3 of Lowney, in the heart of Griffintown. While leading a frantic university life, this didn’t prevent her from meeting Marc-André, who moved in with her a few months later.

Time passed and their love remained strong. Future projects involving houses and children slowly made their way into evening conversations. In 2010, the couple was invited to the pre-launch of a new phase of the Lowney project. The timing was perfect for them, as they had an eye on Phase 8 for quite some time.

You should know that Prével allows previous owners and VIP customers priority reservations in new construction projects. Add to that the fact that the new building was very popular, and each phase was selling like hot cakes! Also, as the pre-launch date approached, about thirty Prével owners camped outside the sales office to ensure they would be able to purchase a new unit in Phase 8.

Caroline and her boyfriend were quite startled when, upon returning from the store, they saw people camping in chairs, blankets, card games and a guitar player, all determined to spend the night there!

The couple promptly canceled their evening plans. They brought out their folding chairs and spent a beautiful white night getting to know their future neighbors! Eighteen hours later, eating pizza and sushi, they had become great friends even before officially being neighbors!

In 2011, the couple married. In 2012 their first son was born. For three months, the family continued to live in their small loft before finally taking possession of their brand new home in Phase 8.

Their second child, a girl, was born in 2014. Caroline treasures the memory of the day she walked into her new condo with her family. Today, new projects have sprung up. The family ended up buying their friendly neighbors’ condo to enlarge their home. The project was approved last September, all that’s left is to get started!

Is this not a story worthy of a modern day urban fairy tale? 

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