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Enjoy delicious flambéed Tapas at Bureau Bar in Griffintown

A hotspot for late night munchies or 5 @ 7’s near downtown

Once you open the door to Renaud Dupin’s tapas bar, the word “bureau” (meaning office), usually associated with a place where we use our intellect, may have a whole new meaning!

Welcome to Bureau Bar in Griffintown.

Team is getting ready before the crowd comes in!

The tapas bar is housed in an old antique shop in Griffintown. When it comes time for a 5 @ 7, customers find themselves in a vintage-chic décor with red brick walls, wood paneling and typewriters. Everything is there to take us back in time to a cozy atmosphere worthy of the 20’s.

Ambianche from the 20’s.

Vintage-chic decor.

We named our tapas bar “Le Bureau” because of all word games that we and our customers could play with it” says Renaud Dupin, the bar owner.

A friend of his gave him the idea of settling in Griffintown. A neighborhood resident, he convinced him that Griff is expanding and was the ideal place to come and offer his merry cocktails and flambéed tapas!

Minutes from downtown, this night bar is best known for its old-fashioned cocktails with bourbon. We love the French Martini and Illegal Ice Tea, drinks that mix 4-5 alcohols and go down like water!

The bar is one of the few places offering wine on tap! A beautiful way to fight against waste while still serving wine at the right temperature and never oxidized!

There is also a nice selection of local beers and privately imported wine.

Renaud Dupin and his French Martini!

Le Bureau offers great wine by the glass.

“Our specialty is old fashioned cocktails with bourbon, like Long Island Ice-Tea! Cocktails made with 4-5 alcohols are drunk very quickly!” explains Renaud Dupin, owner of Le Bureau Bar

They’re offering gourmet tapas for between $8 and $15. Remember the Saganaki, a sheep cheese cooked before your eyes with the alcohol of your choice! Also, the fried calamari and patatas bravas are perfect to start the evening! The ideal is to order a bit of everything, share, and enjoy everything with your fingers!

Saganaki flambé à l’Ouzo.

Frieds Calamars with patatas bravas – to share!

Renaud Dupin also told us the menu was getting a little makeover! Always a tapas bar at heart, they will offer more “big snacks”! Flambéed dishes that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of all customers!

Everything is worth tasting!

Le Bureau Bar Tapas

1642, Notre-Dame Street West

From Tuesday to Friday, from 3:30 pm to 3:00 am
Saturday, from 10:30 am to 3:00 am
Sunday, from 10:30 am to 1:00 am
[email protected]

514 903 1642

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