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Discover Montreal through the Works of Vittorio

A Must-See Exhibit at the McCord Museum
Artiste affichiste montréalais d’origine italienne, Vittorio Fiorucci a marqué le paysage montréalais de plusieurs générations. Une exposition à ne pas manquer au Musée McCord de Montréal..

Opened in 1921, The McCord Museum was a vision of David Ross McCord, a passionate collector who was eager to showcase his country’s history and culture. Over the years his mission became clear: to establish a Museum of Canadian History in Montreal.

No museum is more ‘Montreal’ than McCord: it was created by and for Montrealers. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, on Sherbrooke Street West in front of McGill University, the museum was managed by the University for more than sixty years before becoming independent. Admission is free and you can access all permanent exhibits such as A Montreal Point of View, where you can see the city from multiple angles.

In addition, a particularly interesting temporary exhibition was added to the McCord Museum’s portfolio on September 25th; various works from Montreal artist Vittorio.


Who is Vittorio Fioruci?

A Montreal poster artist of Italian origin, Vittorio Fiorucci has captured the Montreal landscape for generations. His style distinguishes itself through its simple shapes, bright colors and humorous characters.

This original and colorful exhibition showcases Montreal through posters filled with memories! You’ll surely notice the Just for Laughs mascot, our dear Victor, featured around the showroom. There are more than 125 posters, photographs, illustrations and comic strips recalling the highlights of cultural and social life in Montreal, from the 60’s until the end of the 20th century. In addition to Victor, you’ll see characters from Bell and Cinémathèque Québécoise ads. It’s clear that cartoonists, poster artists, and others had a much larger effect on Montreal’s cultural history than we had thought! Even after his death, several of the characters Vittorio created are still alive and well in the hearts and minds of Quebecers!


The exibit ”Montreal Through the Eyes of Vittorio” is being presented on the 3rd floor of the McCord Museum until April 10th, 2016. Take advantage of half price Wednesdays and go as a couple or with friends. The museum closes at 9:00pm on Wednesday and 6:00pm the rest of the week and is open every day except Monday. You should also stop by the museum’s Bistro, which offers a special Vittorio-inspired menu (open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday). 

Musée McCord

690, Sherbrooke St. W.
Phone : 514 398-7100
[email protected]

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