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Concordia University: Activities and Events for All

Conferences at the art gallery, Concordia University has so many possibilities!
Des conférences à la galerie d’art en passant par le gym, l’université Concordia multiplie les possibilités! À vous d’en profiter!

Shaughnessy is a neighborhood blessed by the presence of a vibrant and diverse student community. Indeed, the three main educational institutions around here are: LaSalle College, Dawson College and Concordia University. They have a diverse infrastructure of services for both students and the general public. Let’s explore some of the activities offered at Concordia University that are accessible to everyone!

Concordia University offers activities for everyone!

We first recommend a series of conferences called Thinking out Loud: Concordia’s Ideas Festival. Presented in collaboration with the Globe and Mail, the 2016 conference-chats feature an exchange with experts from various backgrounds on the theme of connection. How do we connect ourselves with the world and with each other? Various topics such as health and wellness, games and the use of science and technology in everyday life will be discussed. Scheduled from January to March 4th, sessions are open to all. Reserve your spot!

A modern fitness center.
Activities and classes for all tastes & needs.

We can’t talk about Concordia’s facilities without mentioning the Gym. This fitness center is modern, spacious and suitable for all needs. Become a member and enjoy activities such as aerobics, dance, martial arts and recreational sports (badminton, basketball, table tennis, etc.), or just private training. The place is perfect for maintaining or building up fitness and strength, and who knows, you may meet some great people too! 

The Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery is an inspiring place that offers exhibitions and events as well as activities revolving around contemporary art. For example, the current exhibition which ended on January 23rd, Reading Exercise, looks at the disruption of traditional media due to the development of new digital media. The gallery proposes a renewed relationship with reading by works that, in their own way, bring a reflection on our relationship with books. When did you read your last novel?

greenhouse on the roof of the Henry H. Hall building

One well-kept (less and less) secret of the university is the greenhouse on the roof of the Henry H. Hall building. The non-profit organization, The Concordia Grennhouse Project, has created a completely organic garden hosting workshops, projects and events that aim to sensitize us to food issues and mass consumption. You can, among others, learn how to develop your own balcony garden, participate in a canned seasonal food exchange, make your own natural cleaning products and many other things! The decor is worth the effort (handmade from recycled wax of course)!

For all other activities and events on the Concordia campus, please consult the Campus Life and Events sections of their website. You’ll realize there are so many options you won’t have time to attend them all!

Have fun while improving your knowledge!

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