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A chat with the owners of BLOME Blow Dry and Nail Bar

Express beauty treatments in Old Montreal, perfect for last minute touch-ups!
Besoin d’une retouche beauté de dernière minute? Rendez-vous au Blome dans le Vieux Montréal! Toutes les mises en plis sont à 35 $!

What makes a neighborhood stand out, so much that we go back or even decide to settle down? The answer: the services and proximity to everything! Old Montreal is the perfect example of a neighborhood where everything is within walking distance and headaches are few and far between.

You can easily stop off after work and do some shopping before your 5 @ 7, travelling easily from work to dinner. Then again, who hasn’t left work later than planned, feeling tired and disheveled before dinner or drinks?

Blome, a bright, uncluttered space covered in blue and white.

A common occurrence for women, this problem is the ‘raison d’être’ for Blome Blow Dry and Nail Bar. The owner, Kim Bensoussan, opened Blome last March along with her best friend, Audrey Attias.

“My family owns a hair salon, and I myself am a hairdresser. It was during a trip to Florida that I discovered the concept of ‘express beauty counters’. I immediately saw the potential in Montreal and told my best friend Audrey all about it upon my return. Six months later, we opened Blome! “

The owners of Blome: Kim Bensoussan (left) & Audrey Attias.

The two friends wanted to design an express beauty counter in their image, in Old Montreal and close to trendy restaurants and bars. Very logical! In fact it’s precisely when arriving at these kinds of evenings that many women wish they’d had a beauty treatment.

What differentiates Blome from other hair and beauty salons in the neighborhood? Exclusive services and affordable prices.

Indeed, the only services offered, until recently, confides Kim, were hair styling and nails! Blome stylists are experts in their field and blow dry and style hair very quickly. You’ll leave fresh and looking great, ready for a glamorous evening!

The list of “styles” they offer is inspiring: #luxlife (completely curly), #flawless (silky smooth), etc. It’s nice that, even when it comes the style names, you feel like you’re with friends, in a space designed just for you. Our pick: #iwokeuplikethis (beachy hair) because, of course, we woke up like that this morning!

 “My original idea for Blome was an express beauty counter where we would offer only hair styling and nails. Nevertheless, I noticed that many customers were asking if we also offered cut and color services. As I am a hairdresser by training and I want to meet the needs of my customers, I have recently begun offering such services to those who request it, says Kim.”

On the 2nd floor, the ‘nails’ area is perfect for a pedicure with friends.

Blome is located at the bottom of McGill Street, near de la Commune. The space is clean, bright and very distinguished, all in white and blue and especially feminine. We really appreciated receiving beauty treatments on the ground floor while our favorite chick flicks play in the background, not to mention being able to order a mimosa during our pedicure.

It’s the perfect place for the time-starved, trend following girl. At the end of each beauty treatment, clients are invited to take a selfie on the “selfie wall.” It’s so pretty and well thought out that we obviously couldn’t resist.

All hair styling, regardless of hair length or the style you choose, are set at a fixed price of $35! No surprises at the cash register!

We love the ‘selfie zone’, perfectly adapted to the clientele, because yes, we do want to take photos of ourselves after Blome!

The bonus? No sticker shock. No more price ranges ($30 ++), where we wince at the unpleasant surprise waiting at the cash. At Blome, all hair styling, regardless of length or style you choose, is at a fixed price of $35. On Sundays, hair stylings are available for $28, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can enjoy the ‘styling and manicure’ combo for $60. An excellent value, considering that Blome stylings can last up to four days if well taken care of. Tested and approved!

Another idea to remember? The ideal gift for friends: a gift certificate. There is always that party you forgot you’re going to. With Blome next door, you can now simply make a quick detour after work, and arrive fashionably late but looking great!

46, McGill Street, Old Montreal
Wednesday: closed
514 507-0737

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