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A Change in the Leadership of Groupe Prével

Laurence Vincent will assume the role of Co-President of Prével, together with Jonathan Sigler
A Change in the Leadership of Groupe Prével

As we approach Prével’s 40th anniversary, we are pleased to announce that Laurence Vincent will assume the role of Co-President of Prével, together with Jonathan Sigler, himself Co-President of Prével for the past 23 years, effective January 1, 2018.  Jacques Vincent, Founder of Prével, will gradually retire over a period of three years and will assist in the transition.

We engaged and collaborated with a firm specializing in succession planning to assure a smooth transition. Jacques Vincent will remain closely implicated in the continued strategic planning of Prével, but will gradually step back from operational matters.  Jacques will stay on for several years as a strategic adviser to Prével.  In the coming months, Laurence will deepen her understanding of the overall management of the company, continuing to rely closely on Jacques who will remain present at the office.

Since the early 2000’s, Laurence has grown with Prével, working on the construction sites, in the seniors residences, in after-sales service, and eventually in sales and marketing.  After completing her MBA in 2008, Laurence became Director of Sales and Marketing of Groupe Prével.  She was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2011.  Laurence is an energetic professional who strives to continually improve Prével, be that in the design and development of its products, or once they are brought to market.  Client satisfaction and employee well-being are matters close to her heart.

We are confident this step in the evolution of our business will be highly beneficial, and will permit us to continue to create outstanding projects that offer exceptional quality of life to all our clients.

Many clients and residents already know Laurence, and they know she is an accomplished businesswoman, passionate about all of Prével’s projects and close to all the people who make up our community!

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