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Alexis le Gourmand: Griffintown’s Gourmet Grocer

The perfect place to grocery shop in Griffintown
Alexis le gourmand, dans Griffintown : une épicerie et un traiteur offrant des produits locaux et de grande qualité. Cache même un charmant petit café!

Long before settling down in Montreal in 2010, Alexis traveled Quebec for several months. A foodie at heart, he decided to share his discoveries by founding a grocery store with as many local specialties as European imports.

A Place With a Story to Tell

When you walk into Alexis, the brick and steel decor makes you feel like you’re in one of those old New York “machine shops”! Fittingly, the first traces of the building date back to the early 20’s, which was a garage until 1935. It was then turned into an auto parts workshop until closing at the end of the century.

The industrial atmosphere of the old shop is still present, with rails hanging above the food stalls.

Acquired in the early 2000’s and painstakingly restored, Alexis opened his shop in 2010 and has given new life to this historic building and neighborhood

A Selective and Inviting Grocer

A nice, wide selection of gourmet products.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or not, it’s very difficult not to succumb to the many gourmet temptations arranged on the shelves. Besides a selection of quality fresh products, the emphasis at Alexis is on local. For example, see for yourself the wide selection of coffee from Montreal roasters!

Beer, coffee, soda, household products, cheeses… here the focus is on local products!

What we like about this store is alongside conventional brands that can be found in all grocery stores, there are many local gourmet products; it’s like an open invitation to discover! Alexis will always pique the curiosity of the foodie in you. Beyond the quality is the originality and diversity going into your dinner!

Not Just a Grocer, But a Caterer Too

At Alexis, they recognize that we don’t all have chef-inspired meals every night, and their team takes pride in having their own deli, butcher and caterer.

The cooks at Alexis will regale you with a host of different recipes.

Whether for your dinner parties at home or lunches in the office, the wide range of ready-made meals will leave you grateful. Alexis and Noée, his companion and partner, have a true passion for the good things in life, and it’s definitely reflected in their kitchen, with soups, sandwiches, stews, or poultry – one of their specialties!

The inviting counter at Alexis Gourmand.

You Staying for a Coffee?

In this beautiful setting, it’s not surprising to find a small dining area where you can taste all the yummy things around you. The setting and atmosphere are very friendly, so chill out and have a coffee from Montreal roaster Kittel, prepared by the lovely team at Alexis. If you have a sweet tooth, we suggest you splurge on delicious Arhoma pastries and go enjoy their lovely garden terrace!

A latté on the terrace of your grocer? Now it makes sense.


1405 Saint-Jacques Street West
Montreal, H3C 1H2

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