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7 Shops to Discover in Westmount

The best places to shop and eat
Découvrez les commerces et les restaurants du chic quartier Westmount. Bonne exploration!

The phrase “Go west young man” is often credited to the American author Horace Greeley, who was referring to the expansion of the American West in the 19th century. We’re offering you a modern take, inviting you to discover Westmount, the chic neighborhood located a few blocks west of Shaughnessy Village!

Not just a residential area, you’ll find several great streets for shopping such as Greene, Victoria, Sherbrooke, and of course, St. Catherine Street. In addition to many high-end shops, you’ll find several well-known independent businesses that have been the heart of the neighborhood for many years.

Martin Swiss, a high-end bicycle shop and locksmith.

We first recommend Martin Swiss, a shop that opened its doors in 1937 in the former Westmount Station hotel. The shop has a dual purpose: locksmith and bike shop. Divided into three areas, you will find the locksmith on the right, the main area for sales, bike repairs, and accessories on the left, and then a shop for high-end bicycles in the adjacent space.

We love the champagne-flavored vinegar at Olive en folie

Located almost directly opposite the bike shop, check out Olive en folie, a new spot that opened last March. They offer 25 infused olive oils from 9 different countries, and 24 balsamic vinegars, also infused with different flavors. You’ll fall hard for the highly original and delicious ‘chocolate orange’, or enjoy the most distinguished flavors like ‘champagne’! You can taste all their products on site in addition to buying by the bottle or in bulk! The store’s furniture and containers are all manufactured in Quebec, and you’ll also find locally-made artwork. A charming spot!

Follow one of the cooking classes offered by Appetite for Books.

The adjoining shop, Appetite for books, is a must! In addition to having a great name, this book shop offers cooking and culinary books. The store also has a kitchen station where they hold cooking workshops throughout the year. The themed workshops are based on books available in the store, and chefs from here and abroad are invited! For example, on February 16th, Chef Marc-André Leclerc from Grumman ’78, will be cooking and following one of his favorite cookbooks, Tacos: Recipes and Provocations. One aspect we particularly appreciate during these cooking classes is that in addition to meeting people and tasting recipes from the best chefs in Montreal, you can bring your own alcohol! Cheers!

A space featuring the famous Bilboquet creamery and Harricana, a recycled fur designer

For Sherbrooke Street, we have two suggestions for you. The first is Bilboquet, Montreal’s famous ice-cream shop which is open year round and shares space with Harricana, the recycled fur designer. We love this concept, where two seasonal traders unite in one place. Also on Sherbrooke, Hogg Hardware offers more than just screws and lightbulbs! It’s a real home improvement and decoration shop, where you’ll find everything you need for your home at reasonable prices.

After a big day of shopping, it’s time to go for a drink and a quick bite. Two places on Greene Street have been local favorites for years.

Check out the friendly ‘Bistro on the Avenue’
The Summit Sandwich at Chez Nick

First, the Bistro on the Avenue, a chic and friendly place. There we drink a Campari Spritz and eat salmon steak, all recommended by the bartender Adam… amazing! More modest, but oh so friendly, Chez Nick is a classic ‘Diner’ open since 1920. The Summit Sandwich (turkey breast, brie cheese, cranberries, spinach and balsamic vinaigrette on rye bread) is perfect and quite affordable. The service is genuine and very friendly. Note that breakfast is served at all times; a nice brunch option for late risers!

Happy Westmount hunting!

Martin Swiss
313, Victoria Avenue
514 488-9717

Olives en Folie
386, Victoria Avenue
514 596-5483

Appetite for books
388,  Victoria Avenue
514 369-2002

4864, Sherbrooke Street West
514 369-1118

Hogg Hardware Inc.
4855, Sherbrooke Street West
514 934-4644

Bistro on the Avenue
1362, Greene Avenue
514 939-6451

Chez Nick
1377, Greene Avenue
514 935-0946

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