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The 5 Best Cafés in Old Montreal and Griffintown

Montreal has mastered the art of caffeine; cafés showcasing uniquely Montreal characteristics and making must-have classic brews.
Découverte de 5 cafés à ne pas manquer sur la rue Notre-Dame à Griffintown et dans le Vieux-Montréal.

The smell of hot coffee is enough to put you at ease, but these rich brews act not only as a lifesaver on hectic Mondays, but also a friend on cozy Saturdays. Continue below and check out some local cafés that are an absolute must.

The bright counter at Flyjin Café.


Flyjin Café

Nestled just above the restaurant of the same name, Flyjin Café surprises you with the warmth of its almost all-wood design. The materials and decor suggest nothing but the best. We’re immediately drooling upon seeing the croissants and pastries (all from the Hof Kelsten bakery) behind the glass counter.

Flyjin Café warms your heart and stomach
with its local coffee and delicious croissants
from the Hof Kelsten bakery.

The coffee, served in ceramic cups that are hand-crafted in Japan, is not only divine but mostly local. It’s in the details here that you see how much effort goes into it all. Moreover, this little oasis, counting a dozen seats at most, also delights vitamin C enthusiasts; fresh orange juice, squeezed behind the counter, is made from oranges delivered weekly, direct from Florida.

Fresh Jus Pur juice, a dose of healthy drinking available at Flyjin Café.

We really like:
The local products they use: Kittel coffee, Jus Pur juices, Hof Kelsten delicacies, and Camellia Sinensis teas.

Address → Flyjin Café, 417 St-Pierre Street, Old Montreal

Chic-Eclectic Decor at Tommy.


Tommy Café + Apéro

Housed in a building that originally belonged to the Bank of Canada Exchange and the British Empire Mutual Life Insurance Co, this charming café offers a Victorian atmosphere and 50’s inspired chic-eclectic decor that’s been modernized thanks to some more sleek modern touches. Tommy offers a wide variety of pastries and tapas – no need to search the streets of New York for Cronuts, one is here – but this café sets itself apart from others, especially with its friendly 4 to 8 formula on Thursday and Friday, which includes, among others, bubbly, oysters and charcuterie.

Charming Cafe with atmosphere.
A short and creative menu at Tommy.
Tommy offers many delicious pastries, but the ‘Cronut’ is a favorite.
The goat cheese quiche, an absolute must.

We really like:
The brunch menu, simple and creative, the succulent goat cheese quiche, and the latté of the month (Easter latté featured a coconut Cadbury for the month of March).

Address → Tommy Café + Apéro, 200 Notre-Dame Street West, Old Montreal

The fabulous ceramic counter at Bloom Café.


Bloom Café

At first glance, the large colorful tiled counter is enough to lure anyone into Bloom Café, but it’s actually the art on the walls, warm tables and savory aromas wafting from the kitchen that make it a place where we would spend an entire Sunday. The café uses its own coffee, the ‘Bloom Mix’, fair trade and organic, designed by Le Brûloir, a small Montreal roaster. In addition, Bloom Café promotes everything local, organic and sustainable, something that is likely also contributing to the warm atmosphere in the place.

The odours wafting out of the kitchen will make you want to try everything.
The goat and beet bread is a delight.
The colorful counter represents the cafés aura perfectly.

We really like:
The comfortable atmosphere, and the goat and beet bread is a delight

Address → Bloom Café, 1940 rue du Centre, Pointe St-Charles

The MTL Granola: roasted house granola on Greek yogurt.


Buck 15 espresso bar

In short, it would be fair to say that Buck 15 simply has no equal in Montreal. Of unmatchable authenticity, the owners Roy and Jodi wanted to offer a different avenue than regular cafés. The result? A toast bar strongly inspired by their trip through California, they opened their doors in the summer of 2014. The couple’s traveling spirit is felt in all aspects of the café, starting with the art that adorns the walls and the reggae music that joyfully resonates around your ears. The menu is extensive and varied, offering a great selection of food and simple but delicious coffees. Buck 15 is fundamentally different and absolutely unpretentious.

The Avo Yo Toast, avocado and fluffy egg.
The simple espressos from Buck 15.
Bright and welcoming, Buck 15 is definitely a favorite.
The great mural covering the café’s main wall.

We really like:
Everything, but most of all the ultra-friendly staff and the Avo Yo Toast with avocado and fluffy egg. A place worth adding to your address book.

Address → Buck 15 Espresso Bar, 3027 Notre-Dame Street West, St-Henri

Café Différance; cute and unpretentious.


Différance Café

The Différance Café has perfected the art of the latte. With a few round tables and large windows, their clientele typically stops in between two appointments to savor one of the best doses of caffeine around, and with good reason! The owner, Daniel Alvarez, has already proven himself as a barista, particularly when he was in the ranks at the highly acclaimed Névé Café. The subdued decor, supplemented by a large slate roof, is quickly forgiven because of the quality of his work; the coffee is simply exquisite!

The priority here is really the art of the latté.
Différance Café; truly the best coffee we’ve taste.

We really like:
The coffee; the best in our opinion.

Address → Différance Café, 449 Viger Avenue West, Downtown

One more for the road?

Don’t forget to enjoy Coffee Breaks at Kitsuné, the new third wave espresso bar located on the ground floor of Lowney in Griffintown! 

La cuisine inspirée du Kitsuné espresso bar à Griffintown

Adresse → Kitsuné Espresso Bar, 988, Ottawa Street, Griffintown

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