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Coffee Breaks at Kitsuné, Lowney’s New Espresso Bar

Third wave coffee shop Kitsuné comes to Griffintown

In recent years, dozens of small independent establishments have, to our delight, been revolutionizing the art of coffee. In contrast to the big chains, these players are extreme coffee enthusiasts, comparing different blends like wine connoisseurs

The coffee culture has, since February 27th, officially arrived in Griffintown with the opening of Kitsuné Café, their second location. This espresso bar, having already won the hearts of Plateau residents, is located on the ground floor of Lowney sur Ville.

The first thing you notice is the brightly lit ‘Kitsuné’ sign on the wall.

The first thing you notice passing by the espresso bar’s window is the bright Kitsuné sign right behind the counter. Kitsuné is the Japanese translation for “fox”, an animal possessing multiple lives and superior intelligence in many Japanese tales. As for Robert, the owner of the café, he simply chose the name because he liked the way it sounded.

This espresso bar, having already won the hearts of Plateau residents, is housed on the ground floor of Lowney sur Ville.”

Upon entering you discover a Palm Springs-inspired design; wooden furniture, 50’s cutouts, leafy wallpaper, round lights, etc. A “Mad Men-like” decor even more authentic than the series.

Discover a Palm Springs style design.  
We can already see ourselves, telling our life stories for hours on end with a good cup of coffee in hand.

We can see it clearly, watching people pass by, enjoying a coffee and pastry from Sweet Lee’s. Others may also see a peaceful workspace. In any case, it’s hard not to throw glances at the wall menu. An inviting kitchen offers culinary escapes such as the butter chicken sandwich; chicken curry, papaya and mango strips, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, mayonnaise with lime and ginger. Tested and approved!

Pastries are delivered fresh daily from Sweet Lee’s bakery. Here is a carrot and cardamom muffin.
Preparing a butter chicken sandwich. Tested and most definitely approved!

Kitsuné is part of the third wave coffee movement. “You have to go back to the war years to talk about the first wave. At the time, we could enjoy coffee pretty much everywhere but there was mass consumption based solely on the effects of caffeine. The second wave was born from chains like Starbucks, which helped popularize espressos. We sell better quality coffee. The third wave are these independent cafés run by coffee baristas who act more like sommeliers. In these establishments, coffee becomes an art.” explains Robert.

Here we treat coffee beans like fine wine!

As you can imagine, roasted beans are treated like fine wine here! While this trendy phenomenon may seem only for niche customers, with such great coffee who can complain? In any case, we are delighted to finally be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee in Griffintown (and on the ground floor of Lowney Phase 2 to boot!)

Great coffee, delicious pastries and cuisine, you’ll find nothing less at Kitsuné Café!

More info?
Bike rack inside
Plugs and Wi-Fi for everyone
runch will soon be added to their menu

Kitsuné Café

Coffee, pastries (from Sweet Lee’s bakery), sandwiches and salads
88 Ottawa Street, Montreal, QC H3C 1S3 (on the corner of Ann and Ottawa Streets)
Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

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