YUL EAT Festival – September 5th, 6th, and 7th

Montreal Makes Summer Last!

An amazing gourmet festival is taking place at the Old Port of Montreal, right near 21e arrondissement, on September 5 – 7th, 2015.

Another great gourmet festival is headed to Montreal on September 5-7th; the 2nd edition of the YUL eat Festival will be held at the clock tower in the Old Port of Montreal.

For three straight days the festival will give all visitors the opportunity to "Eat - Discover – and Celebrate", the event’s three main themes.

Access to the site is free of charge.

All those attending this gluttonous feast will leave bursting after countless tastings, brunches prepared by star chefs, street food and gourmet dinners.

Throughout the festival a bread oven will allow chefs to bake sugar coated buns, pizza and traditional breads that visitors will have the privilege of enjoying hot and fresh from the oven! There will also be roughly 50 temporary restaurants and food trucks setting up shop.

As for dinner, there’s no better example of what’s to come than what’s planned for the 7th: Monday Night Restaurant Hop.

For the occasion, 7 Montreal restaurants will gather under one roof to offer 7 different dining experiences in one evening! Each of the 7 guest chefs, such as Joe Mercuri of Mercuri Montreal, Marc-Alexandre Mercier of the Herman Hotel or Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem of Laloux Restaurant, will serve divine tastings from their respective counters. Price of admission for this gourmet experience: $110 (taxes, fees and gratuities included).

In the ‘Discover’ section the event features a cooking class and lecture on interesting cuisine.

The ‘Celebration section at YUL eat will include friendly competitions between local celebrities who will become chefs for the event. Finally, a series of concerts are the icing on the cake of this great feast, featuring no less than the guys from Radio Radio on Monday night!

While we may have told you a little too much about the event in this post, rest assured it is nothing compared to the full schedule of the real thing. Check out their website to decide which events you’d like to attend:

Enjoy the rest of your Montreal summer!


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