Work Progress at 21e arrondissement, in Old Montreal

Construction of Phase 1 is almost finished!

Construction of Phase 1 of condo project 21e arrondissement, in Old Montreal, is almost finished!

Phase 1

As we approach the start of condo deliveries, our teams are very busy getting the finishing touches on phase 1 of  21e arrondissement. Here is an update on the progress we’ve made:

  • Floor installations have reached the 6th floor.
  • The kitchens have been installed up to the 14th floor.
  • Ceramic installation has reached the 15th floor.



Concerning the rooftop terrace, the swimming pool is in place, the pavers are laid out and we are currently working on the landscaping.

In addition, all masonry work will be completed before the construction holidays.


We look forward to welcoming all our new homeowners! The first residents will begin moving in mid-August and deliveries will continue through the end of November.  


Phase 2

As for phase 2, we are currently excavating the 3rd garage level and will begin pouring the concrete slabs soon.


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