Wall Murals as Wallpaper

A unique touch for your decor

Les papiers peints muraux, créateurs de décoration unique.

There has been a revival of decorative wallpaper in recent years. Wall murals have also become very popular again and give a personal touch to our decor. Several companies offer images on their websites that can be printed in large format and pasted onto an entire wall. You can also choose an image from a picture bank like

Wall murals are extremely useful because they can serve more than one purpose. They can be used to highlight a particular architectural element, hide or camouflage something bothersome, to give depth to a small room or simply to create a ‘wow’ effect in a room.

Expect to pay roughly $3 to $5 per square foot depending on whether the wall is a standard or custom format, as well as the choice of materials (paper or vinyl).

Here are a few Montréal companies offering these products:


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