Our values

Deeply rooted in our corporate culture, these eight values influence our decisions and guide every one of our actions.

Enjoy Life and Take Pleasure in What We Do

We are pleasure-seekers at heart, creating environments that are a delight to live in, and that includes both our projects and our construction sites.  We are guided by this philosophy, deriving joy from our day-to-day.  Our team is comprised of strong, colourful personalities – people who don’t take themselves too seriously and for whom a good day is one that has many LOL moments.  We hope our projects reflect the enjoyment we draw from working on them.

Be Proud and Passionate

Imagine a dream project.  Conceive it in all of its minute details.  Present it with passion.  Build it with everything you’ve got.  Then see the joy in the customers’ eyes when they enter their new home.  These are the reasons why we greet every morning with a smile.  We are proud to see our projects take shape, to grow with them and to evolve along with our customers.

Be Bold, Creative and Open-Minded

Our ambition is to express our creativity and be pioneers in what we do.  Our innovative spirit and bold approach is evident in the developments we’ve built in run-down neighbourhoods, in the new life we’ve given to abandoned buildings, in the unique common spaces we’ve integrated into our projects, and in the way we’ve revolutionized the layout of smaller units.  Our natural curiosity and our desire to push the envelope are our promise of ever bolder, grander visions of future projects.

We take on every challenge with an open mind, and can recognize promising opportunities.  We want to leave a strong legacy that will stand the test of time and inspire future generations.

We are People Persons

At Prével, we are inspired by people:  the people who live in the homes we build, the people we work with, the people we see everyday.  We strive to contribute to the well-being of those who put their trust in us and we hope to make a small difference in their lives.  We work to create a product that will produce emotional reactions in people, and we are rewarded by the satisfaction of our customers – like the pride of a first-time buyer, or the quiet confidence of an experienced owner.  Our goal is to create a warm environment from cement and bare walls.

Be Authentic and Honest

Prével is a proud family business. We are authentic. Honest. Real. We are transparent and sincere in all of our dealings with our customers and suppliers. We don’t aspire to sell what we can’t deliver, or to be something we’re not. Our credibility is built on the 11,000 units we’ve delivered, on each of our customers’ experiences, on every cheque made out to a supplier. Intellectual honesty is also important to us, and we take great pride in the creativity and vision of our team whose bold new ideas are the envy of the competition.

Work as a Team

Our strength lies in the quality of our team, made up of extraordinary, open-minded individuals who all work towards the same goal:  the well-being of our customers.  Each day we make a collective, conscious decision to work together, to share a common vision and to do whatever it takes to go above and beyond the expectations of our clientele.  The professionals we work with are an integral part of the team and they all contribute to the success of each project, from conception to final completion.

Aim for Excellence

Go further.  Improve every day.  Develop a new idea.  Convert a client’s request into something concrete.  Learn, learn, learn — always!  We aim for excellence in everything we do and it gives us great satisfaction.  We also know we aren’t perfect and so are always open to change.

Stay Focused

We choose our projects very carefully and will refuse opportunities in order to stay completely focused on those that matter most to us.  Prével has been in business since 1978, and as the next generation of leadership gets ready to take over, we are confident the future is in good hands.  We’ll be there for our customers.  We’ll be there for our team.