Our values

Deeply rooted in our corporate culture, these six values influence our decisions and guide every one of our actions.

Pleasure and passion

At Prével, pleasure and passion are at the very core of our philosophy. A philosophy that led to the creation of our company and that still guides us today. A philosophy that is echoed in every aspect of our product. Imagining projects makes us dream. Designing them meticulously, down to the smallest of details. Giving the very best of ourselves and witnessing the joy clients experience when we show them their new home. But, also having a positive impact on neighbourhoods and communities. This is why we wake up every morning with a smile and this is what drives us to excel.

Audacity and creativity

From the beginning, our curiosity and bold approach have made us pioneers. Our innovative spirit and audacity can be seen in the projects we develop in rundown neighbourhoods, in the way we infuse new life into abandoned buildings, in how we create unique common and public spaces, or how we revolutionize the layout of small units. We are committed to bringing this level of creativity to our future projects. To leave a strong legacy that will transcend time and inspire generations to come.


People are at the heart of our business—the people we work with, the people who live in the homes we build, the people who use our public spaces (residents, merchants, workers, and so on). We strive to contribute, at our level, to the well-being of those who put their trust in us, taking into account their individual needs.

Authenticity and integrity

We are a proud family-owned business. This family vibe translates into authentic, honest and transparent interactions with our clients. Our credibility rests on the 11,000 high-quality units we have delivered, on every client experience, and every cheque made out to suppliers. We carefully select each project to ensure our full commitment.  


We believe our strength lies in our team, which is made up of unconventional, open-minded people who all work toward the same goal: our clients’ well-being. Every day, we decide to work together, to share a common vision, and to do everything we can to optimize the experience of our buyers.

and vision

For over 40 years, we have strived to always improve and come up with new ideas. We aim for excellence in everything we do, which brings us great satisfaction. Yet, we know we are not perfect and are open to change. In business since 1978, Prével has been grooming the next generation of leaders to take over, ensuring the company’s sustainability and commitment to be there for our team and clients.