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YUL EAT: A Gathering of Foodies of All Stripes

A festival of unexpected encounters and culinary discoveries
Amateur de gastronomie, ne manquez pas le festival YUL EAT du 3 au 5 septembre prochain. Découvertes, festivités et plus encore…  

Eat. Discover. Celebrate. This is what to look out for at one of the hottest food festivals in Montreal. A place for mingling and culinary discoveries for experienced and amateur foodies alike. For its third edition, the organizers offer a variety of activities for all tastes. It promises to be a memorable weekend for our taste buds!

The Old Port turns into one giant dinner table for this weekend of festivities and sharing!
For its 3rd edition, the festival is taking place at the Quai de l’horloge (Clocktower) at the Old Port!

A thriving festival

YUL EAT is definitely the place to be for Montreal food lovers who relish good food and local flavors. The event, which was launched in September 2014 in the wake of First Fridays – the largest street truck gathering in Canada – is now being held, to our delight, at the Clock Tower in Old Montreal. And who is this for? “Everybody!” confirms Gaëlle Cerf, founder of the festival. The family areas and teens can testify to that. The aim is for guests to discover Montreal cuisine and all the different pleasures.

Come with your family or friends: YUL EAT is for everyone.

The name also perfectly expresses the mission: YUL, to put forward our wonderful city, and EAT, stands for the spirit of the festival; E for experience, A for appetite to T and for terre (earth).

“The YUL EAT festival is a gathering where the local industry opens up to the world and presents its differnet cuisines” – Gaëlle Cerf, festival founder.

Brunches, dinners, cooking classes, awesome food court, lectures, musical performances … You can quickly get lost in the mix of attractive activities offered at the festival. So we’ve provided a list of activities whether you are a beginner, a real foodie or someone who’s just passionate about the industry. Follow your own recipe!

For Beginners: The Must-Haves

We asked Gaëlle Cerf which three activities mustn’t be missed during ones first visit to the festival. The answer wasn’t easy for this passionate diner, which was understandable because there’s so much to do at YUL EAT. But here are the absolute best:

  • The Discovery Market, a unique short-lived festival of its own in Montreal, where you can test and buy high quality local products.

  • The restaurant area, which includes fifty options! One way to see the extent of talent here!

  • The place and the overall atmosphere, simply great.

YUL EAT is the largest terrace in Montreal during this three-day weekend. A human terrace inhabited with life, joy and sharing.” – Gaëlle Cerf, founder of YUL EAT festival.

The food court holds 50 restaurants. New discoveries guaranteed!

For Foodies: Gourmet Brunch and Dinner

Foodies will have their plates full with brunches and dinners the organizers concocted this year! The co-owner of 78 Grumman has us salivating describing the dinners on Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Locavore Dinner

We were particularly intrigued by the concept of the Locavore dinner, which includes a nice combination of Chefs: Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, John Winter Russell Martin Juneau, Stelio Perombelon and Stéphanie Labelle. The difference with this supper: the chefs have a special challenge! They have to cook a meal with only local ingredients, all from within 100km of Montreal! Apparently salt wasn’t easy to find! A dinner which promises to impress!

The supper is prepared by a brigade of Chefs collaborating to innovate
and offer an unparalleled gourmet experience.
  • The Italian Supper

The description of Sunday dinner also gave us an appetite. This is the Italian supper sponsored by Michele Forgione from the delicious restaurant Impasto. He was given the task of forming his very own dream team for this meal. He quickly grabbed celebrity chefs from Toronto, New York and San Francisco. A menu that promises to make you feel like you’re travelling through Italy and its flavors: market-fresh fish, tasty pasta and a dessert concocted by the leader himself!

Scoop: Michele Forgione will reveal his cannoli recipe during the Italian dessert cooking course he’s giving… Never before seen!

For Gaëlle Cerf however, the beauty of these dinners is the collaboration between chefs. “It’s impressive to see them work together. They are creating the supper from scratch. We let them appropriate the festival, reinvent it.”

  • The brunch, the feast

Lovers of the most important meal of the day won’t be left out, with the festival closing brunch: the feast. The Smorgasbord: A brunch consisting of 7 dishes: Oysters, duck rillettes, Sockeye Salmon, Norwegian omelettes, house Nutella… what are you waiting for?


For Knowledge-Seekers: Experience YUL EAT

You will also be pleased to learn that the festival innovates with the YUL EAT experience. It’s the ultimate experience for foodies and professionals in search of new culinary discoveries. Not only will you have access to a special area with appetizer and drink tastings, but also to lectures by renowned local chefs! This is an opportunity to learn more about the job and the different challenges faced by those who’ve mastered the kitchen back to front.

“The YUL EAT experience is primarily to provide access to the ‘backstage’ of the kitchen.” – Gaëlle Cerf.

The festival takes place September 3rd to 5th at the Clock Tower in the Old Port of Montreal. See you there to celebrate local food and flavors! For details on the schedule and menu, visit the Festival Website.

Celebrate Montreal and its flavors from Septembre 3rd to 5th.


From September 3rd to 5th
The Clock Tower at the Old Port of Montreal

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