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Yoga, Boxing and TRX Training at the New Studio Breathe in Griffintown!

A great place to stay in shape (and keep warm) this winter!
Le Studio Breathe, dans Griffintown, offre des cours de Pilates, yoga, karaté, etc. dans de lumineuses salles.

As winter approaches we must adapt and rethink our workout routines. The Lachine Canal is no longer your best option, as kayaking ended in September and pretty soon the bike paths will be covered in snow. Fortunately, there are other options for residents in the area.

Breathe Studio, which moved into their new, larger and brighter location at 1433, William Street in Griffintown last winter, offers a multitude or courses every day of the week! You can practice a wide variety of activities and sports, from boxing to meditation; if you feel like getting seriously warmed up, there’s also hot yoga!

The “Breathe” brands’ flagship location is their Griffintown studio. Building on the success of their first studio located on Richardson Street from 2006 to 2012 and then on Notre-Dame from 2012 to 2014, they have since opened a second and third studio.

“We’ve been in Griffintown 10 years now, says the owner, Alexandra Schwartz. We moved to Notre Dame in 2012, which was a great place for our brand’s visibility: we had a prime location and lots of walk-ins since we were at street level. Even so, the studio was too small. In December 2014, we moved again, this time to William Street. We are now on the 5th floor of a well-lit building and have 7000 square feet of space!”

The new Studio Breathe is located on the 5th floor of a luminous building

For the record, Studio Breathe was born from Alexandra’s passion for yoga as well as her husband’s professional boxing career. As such, she naturally wanted to open a studio in her neighborhood (she has long since lived in Griffintown!) that offered yoga classes as much as martial arts. A strange marriage? Not at all! In fact, that’s one of the main reasons Studio Breathe has been so successful: the variety of classes offered. Also, according to the creator and owner of the Breathe brand, the studio wants to be the place for Griffintown and Little Burgundy residents who want to train differently. The studio offers yoga and hot yoga, meditation, karate, boxing and, more recently, TRX training (suspension training).

The studio, located at 1433 William Street since last year, now offers customers more space.

“Studio Breathe’s philosophy is simple: excellent teachers, a range of different courses, yet accessible to all, says Alexandra. Someone who just wants to try karate or TRX can easily come, the courses are more than suitable for the general public…!”

Indeed, there are even ‘mom and tot’ TRX classes for those interested. We can’t wait to see that!


Studio Breathe

1744, rue William, suite 500
Tel. : 514 846-8884
[email protected]

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