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Welcome BBQ at the Lowney 9 & 10


By Kim Lalumière Thursday June 20, we celebrated the moving in of the new co-owners of the Lowney 9 & 10 with a welcome BBQ evening. The new residents, the extended family of the Lowney (co-owners from other phases), Prével’s staff members and friends all joined together for this occasion. It was also a nice way to underline the official opening of the rooftop of phase 10, which took place on the same day. It is with great pleasure that we noted the growing popularity of Prével’s welcoming events. The rooftop terraces got crowded rapidly, and fun was in the air. The DJ did a good job, providing with his musical selection a lounge ambiance that blended perfectly with the majestic view on Montreal’s skyline and the clement weather. As usual, the hors d’oeuvres prepared by the caterer were delicious, and so were the bubbles, the wine and the fresh beer that accompanied them.

More than 310 persons had confirmed their presence, but in the end, more than 400 invitees (according to our estimates) showed up for the occasion. Even though Prével had doubled the orders prior to the evening, to make sure we wouldn’t run out of anything, both bar stations and the buffet station stayed busy all evening. Follow this link to Prével’s Facebook page to find the complete set of photos taken during the night. Many thanks for this wonderful success. Once again, welcome to all new co-owners! Kimi

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