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Welcome BBQ Event – Lowney 8


By Laurence Vincent Last night was the Welcome BBQ event on the roof of the Lowney 8, also known as the “client appreciation night”. It’s our way of thanking our clients for choosing us and for putting great confidence in us. I always participate in these events, to chat with our clients and to take the time to exchange with them on their Prevel experience. I really enjoy this kind of direct contact with our clients. But to be honest, at the end of the afternoon yesterday, I had only one wish: to get back home. I had a long day and was feeling tired. I had to push myself in the elevator to go up to the roof instead of down to the garage… but this whole fatigue vanished when the doors opened on the splendid skyline, when I felt the late summer breeze embracing me. I got dragged by the cheerful brouhaha of our clients, by the D.J, the caterer and the slowly fading sun. The pool, Simple et Chic hamburgers and the flashing “Farine Five Roses” sign behind our crane all made me fell full of life, happy and relieved. It turned out to be an amazing night. I took some pictures during the evening. Until we receive the pictures and the video taken by our professional photographer, I invite you to follow this link to take a look at some of my pictures. Thanks to all those who were present at this celebration. Don’t hesitate to share your toughts on this evening too. Hope to see you next time! Laurence

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