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Updates from Les Bassins du Havre


By Patrick C. Archambault Those of you who passed in the vicinity of Griffintown recently can tell, an update on the progresses at the construction field of Les Bassins du Havre is necessary, as things have been developing well since our last follow-up.Progress at Phase 1

  • Fenestration is entirely completed.
  • The brick work is done for the whole building.
  • The installation of the balcony railings has begun on the balconies of the third floor.
  • The dividing walls are all in place.
  • The installation of the dry walls is completed up to the 8th floor.
  • The seam caulkers are now working on the 5th floor.
  • The ceilings are plastered up to the 4th floor.
  • Our painters are now on the 4th floor.We received 50% of the pieces for the kitchen of the third floor and have started their installation.
  • We will soon have a lobby! The mullions of the curtain walls are installed and the windows will be installed around mid-July.

Progress at Phase 2

  • The bearing piles are all in place.
  • The concrete sealing slab is completed at 95%.
  • The armouring of the elevator shaft has started.

If you have the chance to pass by Griffintown, you’ll be able to see all these great progresses. But don’t wait too much, it changes fast! Patrick

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