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The Top Three Student Pubs on Crescent

Great atmosphere and affordable drinks guaranteed

With the new school year comes more bars and terraces!

There are plenty of places to have a drink downtown, but when it comes to student bars, there’s no place like Crescent. For more than forty years, Crescent has hosted large events and been the heart of Montreal’s student nightlife! Whether you’re with someone special or a group of friends, if you are looking for great atmosphere, terraces, reasonable prices and plenty of space, here are three places worth visiting!

The Mad Hatter is one of Crescent’s iconic locations.

Mad Hatter Pub, the place where you let your crazy loose

It’s not uncommon to see large groups of students letting loose outside the bar; a fun atmosphere is always guaranteed! When you first enter Mad Hatter, you’re not sure if you’re in a pub or a big frat house. The walls are covered with pictures (featuring photos of people celebrating), paintings, old advertisements and movie posters. You can’t help but look around constantly and wonder if one of those paintings or posters came from your house! We feel right at home!

The atmosphere is jumping at Mad Hatter!

A pub that loves students

With several floors and two terraces, you’ll always find a corner for you and your friends! As Nathalie, Mad Hatter’s barmaid, reminded us, the place has become a hub for students…I guess they must love the menu! During happy hour, good prices and ample quantity are what you’ll find. Ideal for celebrating without breaking the bank!

The atmosphere is young and celebratory on both sides of the bar!
Mad Hatter Pub, for a great time without breaking the bank!

Mad Hatter organizes a variety of events throughout the year: karaoke, rap battles, DJ’s, and other themed evenings. To stay posted, follow their Facebook page!

The pub is moving

If you’ve already been to Mad Hatter, go and enjoy one last drink in its iconic location because after 23 years of partying in these walls they’re moving… next door! Don’t panic! Nothing will change, their reputation will follow them next door!

Brutopia bistro, for fans of microbreweries.

Brutopia, for fans of great beer!

For almost twenty years, Brutopia has been a go-to address in the neighborhood. Indeed, very few pubs have brewed their beer for quite so long.

As Jeff Picard, owner of Brutopia, explained:
“We bet twenty years ago on offering craft beers, it was risky at the time, but people continue to show more interest in higher quality beers”.

The team at Brutopia has the beer for you!
From opening to 8pm, except Mondays when it is all day and night, Brutopia has special prices.

At Brutopia, there are nearly a dozen varieties of beer brewed on site; among these, four vary according to the seasons. The team brews their beer with heart, and people like Joëlle, who works at the bar, are happy to help you discover them for yourself! Many other beverages and imported beers are also available.

The bar has three floors and three separate terraces.

Whether it’s for happy hour or later in the evening, there’s always a good reason to go. Every evening at 10 pm, there are concerts or open mic nights on a small stage. You can test your knowledge during their Monday trivia nights!

There is also no shortage of space, the bar extends over three levels with three terraces, all that remains is to find your favorite spot …

The small balcony overlooking everything is worth the detour! Perhaps for a date?

You can find out more about their events on their website.  

Numerous terraces, room for everyone, Hurley’s is THE neighborhood Irish Pub!

A Celtic atmosphere at Hurley’s Irish Pub!

For many Montrealers, Hurley’s is one of the first places that pops in your head when discussing Irish pubs. It’s an institution!

Do you like drinking a good pint of Guinness? They know how it’s done, they’re the biggest seller in North America!

Every night you’ll hear bands celebrating Irish culture, waiting for St Patrick’s day!

The pub is really big, you could practically get lost. Going through all three floors, we found the layout makes the place feel very warm. We can’t wait to spend long winter evenings with friends!

Open for 23 years, the place is so welcoming that the owner, Rod, never left:

“I came into the pub for the first time 21 years ago, for St. Patrick’s Day, and I loved it so much I returned four times that same week. After that I applied to work here and never left.”

Rod did everything at Hurley’s before finally becoming owner, he can do it all!

Typical products, authentic atmosphere

On Hurley’s menu you’ll find about 15 different Irish whiskeys, including the famous Jameson, which lends itself very well to shots and all other classics that make up the recipe for a good pub! And to perfect the atmosphere, every evening bands come to play traditional Irish music as well as more modern sounds. Have a look at their website to stay up to date.

There’s always a cozy corner to settle with friends!

Some nights you may see a TV in the corner broadcasting hockey games, but as Rod reminds us, we are here to enjoy the atmosphere with friends.

La The terrace, with its own bar, is still open a few more weeks before winter! avec son propre bar nous invite à en profiter encore quelques semaines avant l’hiver.

1220 Crescent Street

1219 Crescent Street

1225 Crescent Street

Photo credits: Frédéric Ryan – instagram (@feddomtl)

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