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Top 5 Terraces in St Henri and Griffintown

Time to Savor Montréal Summer on the Terrace
Suggestions for the 5 best outdoor terraces to celebrate summer in South-West Montréal.

Summer has finally arrived (we seem to be saying that a little too often this year!). However, now that the weather is warmer, this time it’s official!

So get out there and enjoy summer to the max. Here are my suggestions for the 5 best outdoor terraces in South-West Montréal.  

LE GRINDER – 1708, rue Notre-Dame West – (514) 439-1130

Get yourselves to Grinder for a fun and festive evening with friends! While specialising in raw fish and meat, the restaurant offers a wide selection of cooked meats as well. Also, with an extensive selection of imported wines, Grinder is the perfect place to enjoy a glass or two. With a curbside terrace and an indoor garden, Le Grinder is definitely the place to be throughout the summer! They’re open every night.  

HENRI ST-HENRI – 3734, rue Notre-Dame West – (514) 303-0777

Plenty of great east-coast cuisine at this gem of a restaurant! No need to drive five hours for a decent lobster roll anymore. Complete with a beautiful terrace (surrounded by plants), Henri St-Henri is truly a little oasis!

SHINJI – 1732, rue Notre-Dame West – (438) 384-1270

Get ready for delicious Japanese dishes and sushi, all well worth the visit! There’s a private terrace you can book for groups. They also have a terrace on the street with enough room for about 40 people. 

LUDGER, la buvette gourmande  – great food and drinks – 4001, rue Notre-Dame West – (438) 383-3229

I love this friendly neighborhood bar and restaurant. Great place to go for a drink (with oysters!) or dinner. Attention night owls: the kitchen is open until 11:00pm during the week and midnight on weekends. A little bit of history, the restaurant is named in honor of Ludger Lemieux, the architect behind the Atwater Market and the district’s fire station. The curbside terrace has about 35 seats.

BURGUNDY LION – 2496, rue Notre-Dame West – (514) 934-0888

A pioneer in the neighborhood, Burgundy Lion needs no introduction. With a wide selection of whiskey and distinctive décor, going to Burgundy Lion is kind of like bar-hopping in London for an evening! They have a curbside terrace  and one at the back.

Enjoy your summer on the terrace!

Photo Credit: Facebook page of Henri de St-Henri.

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