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Tips for transforming your balcony into a true urban garden

For taking advantage of those nice summer days on your balcony

It’s where you enjoy your morning coffee and your first rays of sun, or a glass of wine and a gentle evening breeze…there’s no place like your balcony. Here are a few tips on how to turn your balcony into a genuine urban garden. There’s no place to relax and enjoy summer like your very own balcony!

Combine useful and attractive with some stylish planters on your balcony

There is nothing like adding some greenery to your balcony by planting herbs or vegetables. A great combination of useful and attractive! There are a thousand and one ways to grow herbs; here are a few ideas that are original and easy to set up.

Recycle your old drawers to make stylish planters. – Source: Rue Rivard

Before disposing of your old furniture remember you can recycle the drawers! Laying on your balcony filled with fragrant herbs and plants, they’ll turn your balcony from boring to beautiful. In addition to doing the right thing by recycling, you enhance your balcony with a personal touch!

Use wooden pallets for a stylish wall full of plants or fine herbs. – Source: Meuble en palette

Another DIY (do it yourself) option is to refresh a wooden pallet by turning it into an herbal wall. You can paint it with fun colors. Definitely one of the most practical options for maximizing ground space.

Wooden wine crates are as trendy indoors as they are outdoors. – Source: Gardenista

For several years now wooden crates and boxes have become hot items for interiors. Good news, they also go very well on balconies by creating a small cozy chalet-like space. They’re also very practical for herbs, tomato or lettuce plants, etc.

For a little height, think of hanging baskets. – Source: A beautiful mess

Easy to make, hanging baskets is very trendy this summer. It’s a great technique that helps you save space on smaller balconies. You can do it with wicker baskets, but also with cans, flower pots, paint cans, and so on. Let your imagination run wild!

Put down some synthetic grass to feel like you’re in the park!

Transform your balcony into your very own little park. – Source: Pinterest

If you want to literally transform your balcony into a garden, put down some synthetic grass. Easy to install, in short time you’ll have your own little patch of greenery; it’s like having a little park at home!

Play with the colors and heights of different plants for a beautiful arrangement

Stretch your balcony of plants into all shapes and sizes.

You have a multitude of ways to create your own urban garden balcony and make it bloom.

Hang it up high or place it on the floor of your balcony. – Source:

Put thick plants in a bird cage for a guaranteed spring effect!

A small outdoor ladder allows you to maximize every inch by putting up more plants. – Source: Planete Deco

Using a ladder to support outdoor plants is both stylish and practical. The ladder allows you to expose more plants while bringing a certain cachet to your balcony. If you want a more modern look, try a metal ladder. For a more “natural” effect, opt for a wooden ladder.

Good luck with your balcony!

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