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Time for Cocooning

Simple and O so satisfying suggestions for a successful day devoted to the art of doing nothing (or almost nothing)
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Considering the ‘polar vortex’ that seems to have parked itself over Montreal, with the brutal cold that freezes your skin as soon as your nose touches the air, it’s more tempting than ever to admit defeat by the super strong elements of nature. But who says you have to enjoy the cold weather outside? Why not take advantage of the situation by enjoying a nice ‘cocooning’ session in the warmth of your comfortable condo?

Before I tell you all my secrets for a nice day of cocooning, the following is the definition from the housing dictionary for this term:

‘Cocooning is the search for comfort and security in one’s home that reflects the need to protect oneself from certain realities from the outside world that are deemed to be harsh and unpredictable’

Therefore, cocooning is the art of building a nest, cozy and safe, especially when the outside world is cold and hostile!
I like to take advantage of cold days by entertaining friends around a simmered dish, prepared with love. Here are two recipes that are part of my selection: ‘day dedicated to cocooning’: leg of lamb with black olives and braised short ribs with honey roasted carrots.

Whoever talks about cocooning is talking movie(s), ideally with a warm blanket and seated next to someone you care about. Two movies that are particularly suitable are available for rent or online. First, there is Prisoners, an Oscar-nominated thriller from director Denis Villeneuve that will have you gripping your seat (or companion). Another is Blue Jasmine, the most recent Woody Allen film starring Cate Blanchett.

For those who have had a long week, I suggest a nice warm bath. Some people prefer bubbles, while others some fine bath oils. To clear any congestion, which many people experience at this time of year, I recommend Aloe essence or thyme. While relaxing in the scented warm water, take the opportunity to enhance the experience by adding some music; something that flows nicely, and maybe some candles too.

There’s nothing left to do but wish you a great day of cocooning. Don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing and taking it easy in the comfort of your own cozy nest!

Until next time,


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