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Stories of Water…


By Robert Rosenberg Since mid-June I have been deeply involved with the Bassins du Havre. We have already welcomed more than 2,500 visitors to our sales office, all of whom were attracted by the omnipresence of water, a truly fascinating force. Already an avid bicycle rider, I quickly realized how exceptional it is that the project is located right next to the Lachine Canal bike path. As it happens, my opinion was validated time and again by the positive feedback I received from so many visitors. People would constantly refer to it as ‘their Lachine Canal’. As such, here’s what I have learned about the canal in the visitors’ own words. ………………………… “For years now, summertime in Montréal has been enriched by the Lachine Canal with its rides on the water and refreshing breezes. On the banks, the shadows and sun dance for me. On the canal I lie down under a tree for a short rest but never want to leave. I can run, I can bike and I get back into shape. “ “The canal joins the Old Port and the surrounding areas of Lac St-Louis. The bike path is part of my life, is part of the lives of Montrealers. What would Montréal be without the canal, an oasis of green and blue land crossing the city? Where else could we run with our eyes closed, or roll along without worry?” “During the week, the bike path on the Lachine Canal becomes my preferred route to go to work. I don’t worry about traffic, and nothing compares to breathing the fresh morning air for a little while just before working in an office all day. And once the day has finished, I head back home via the bike path. Its calming water and fresh air make me forget all my worries, arriving home relaxed and refreshed.” “I use the bike path on a regular basis but when I’m away from the bank, the charm of the water feels broken away. At the Bassins du Havre, this charm will endure. I could go from the bike path to the walking and cycling crossings on the entire site and get home.” “I could do kayaking directly from my downtown condo using the private dock for light boats. In the early morning, with shreds of mist still floating on the surface of the canal, the silence is only broken by the faint cries of seagulls and paddles hitting the water. I won’t be somewhere far away, and in two hours I could be at work!” “You say that water is a theme at the Bassins du Havre. From what I can see, water is not just a theme, it’s a living presence, giving the project a certain quality you won’t find elsewhere.“ “Enjoy life on the water…Yes…With the canal, the basins, the fountains on site…Yes…Water…Impressive…” ………………………… The Bassins du Havre offers a tranquility you won’t find anywhere other than rural settings. Here, water is synonymous with serenity, contemplation, and air quality. Whether it is coming from the lapping water or the peaceful sound of fountains, the sounds of noisy streets are indefinitely drowned out by the calmness of water. The whirling dust that floats around the city is gone, giving way to pure, fresh air. It’s not just a pleasant and unique project, i’s a neighborhood inspired by the Lachine Canal that is in the process of being born. It’s hard to believe that the Bassins is only a 15 minute walk from the downtown core of a major North American city! ………………………… I was already proud to participate in this project. When I hear what visitors have to say, I’m even prouder. All I need now to do is choose a unit for myself. Robert

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