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Stockmarkt: Griffintown’s Timeless Fashion Boutique

Insider trends guaranteed

For three years now, Stockmarkt has dressed Griffintown’s young professionals and fashionistas looking for rare brands. The near-constant sales are just one of the many reasons to shop at Stockmarkt. We went on a shopping spree to find out more!

The trendy boutique offers a range of high-end products at affordable prices.

The Concept: Archive Boutique

The first thing we wanted to know is how Stockmarkt could offer customers well-known, luxury brands at affordable prices (40 to 80% off!). Their secret? Stockmarkt is an ‘archive’ store, offering last year’s collections (hint: archives) at great prices. The shop’s décor also screams old collections: wooden shelves, cozy atmosphere and giant blackboard. Everything in the store beckons you to discover their colors and textures.

The fashionistas in you may be wondering: what’s the point of purchasing collections from last year? After all, we want the latest trends! The shop has considered this and only selects timeless pieces that always stay trendy. Some famous basics that anyone should find in her wardrobe: black cashmere sweater, white shirt with deconstructed form. Sporty chic at its best.

A neighborhood in its own image

The shop has chosen to settle in Griffintown because it wanted to be close to its customers: young professionals looking for quality products. Those who are creating their first real wardrobe. They also chose to take advantage of the excitement in this inspiring, young and trendy district, much like the products we find in store.

There were very few fashion boutiques in Griffintown three years ago. We wanted to create a shop for young professionals who are just starting their careers.” – Sam Gebran, marketing manager for Stockmarkt.

Fashion followers and residents quickly adopted a real loyalty to the shop. They go there once a week just to see the new arrivals. The shop is also more than grateful for the loyalty and puts everything in place so that customers feel like they’re shopping at home!

Fun fact: dogs are welcome and the shop even offers kibble!

Fashion followers and residents quickly adopted a real loyalty to the shop.
Its customers: young professionals looking for quality products.

The bold and the beautiful

And what do we find here? European, Japanese and local Montreal brands. The kind of brands you won’t find in big chains.

Among the most popular (and desired!) include, Acne studio, a Swedish brand that focuses on shapes to create unique garments. But Acne Studio is not the only Scandinavian on the floor. You’ll also find unreleased pieces from Filippa K, distinguished by their simplicity.

If you prefer fancy motifs, Maison Kitsuné is tailored for you! Let’s also not forget accessories from Want Les Essentials, a Montreal trademark.

We had to hold ourselves back from buying the whole collection! These handmade bags are designed for young professionals and are known for their style and functionality.

This season’s must-haves

We have prepared two different looks, both autumn essentials!

For her

Sam Gebran a passionate fashionista, says every woman should have a striped Acne Moher in her wardrobe. Wear it to the office or on the weekend with jeans for a more casual look. It’s sure to keep you warm during those colder autumn days!

Must-Haves for Her.

And for our feet? Sam tells us that this season’s must-haves are the sporty-chic Adrianna shoes from Acne. In addition, the Jensen boots are also a must for every woman’s wardrobe. A timeless set that fits perfectly with pants or a skirt.

For him

And for him? We go for a shirt and beige pants and Want les essentiels sneakers. A simple and casual look. Gentlemen can also easily find sneakers from Adrian Acne Studio.  

Must-Haves for Him.

For your next shopping spree, consider a stop at Stockmarkt! Stay connected with their Facebook page and never miss a sale or new arrivals!


2664, Notre-Dame Street West

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