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For A Smart « Move »

By Nicolas Mayrand The Lofts Impérial residents and those of you who are interested in using environmentally friendly transportation methods will be happy to learn that a Smart Car rental service just opened, only a few steps away from the Lionel-Groulx metro station. The company SmartMe, located at 3177 St. Jacques Street (suite 303), offers a flexible and affordable car rental service, which allows you for example to rent a Smart for an hour only. Here is a little peak at their prices (they vary depending on the model you choose): For the day or 100 km: from $30 to 50 For the weekend, 3 days or 400 km: from $90 to 150 For more information on options, insurances and rental conditions, visit their website or call (514)815-2625. You can place your reservation directly on their website, by phone or using the Groupon website, for additional benefits and deals. Produced by Mercedes, the Smart is a car where style meets eco-efficiency, in a format well adapted to urban driving conditions. A Smart consumes on average 5 litres per 100 km, which compares favourably with other energy efficient cars (consult this fuel consumption guide produced by Natural Resources Canada to compare energy consumption for 2012 models) and leaves far behind other energy intensive vehicles like the Hummer, that burns up to 20 litres per 100 km! Renting a Smart thus seems like an interesting option to consider for your travels in and around the city. It could be the solution you were waiting for to go out of Montreal to enjoy the outdoors somewhere else than on the Mount-Royal, while respecting the principles of sustainability. Nicolas

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