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Shaughnessy Café: Pure Quality

Coffee-lovers have a new favorite spot in Shaughnessy Village
Entre le collège Dawson et l’Université Concordia, une nouvelle adresse qui sent bon le café chaud.

Shaughnessy Village is rapidly changing, with new shops and buildings opening up all the time. The people responsible for this rapid change are the entrepreneurs, who’ve decided this lively neighborhood is the place they can flourish. François Letendre-Joachim is one of them, and he wants to share his love of coffee with the people of Montreal.

The young team at Shaughnessy embodies the new generation of coffee lovers.

A second life for an iconic spot

There was a time when the name of Moe’s Deli echoed in the ears of many Shaughnessy residents. A neighborhood institution, they served burgers, eggs, poutine and other delights 24/7. When they closed up, it was Francois Letendre-Joachim who inherited the keys to this iconic establishment, located on the corner of Lambert Closse and de Maisonneuve. After studying marketing and working for the Montreal Alouettes, this coffee enthusiast made his bones in the coffee world at Café Plume in the Plateau.

After two years spent perfecting his knowledge, he was able to realize something he had long wanted: to open his own café, “a relaxing place where we offer a quality product in a simple fashion”.

Airy & bright, the café’s atmosphere encourages concentration, discussions, or travel plans.

A friendly and relaxed atmosphere

We enter Shaughnessy Café, a small and cozy place; at the center of the room, not far from the counter, stands a large table. With the few other chairs on the side, a few small tables for two and a long counter, with motifs made of beautiful early 20th century tiles, there are nearly twenty places.

Neighboring residents have already become regulars.

The wood and lighting give off a soft light that quickly prompts us to order a drink prepared by the barista and his beautiful chrome espresso machine. Thoughtful and pleasant, the menu offers a dozen hot beverages. François values quality and avoids products that are too “fancy”.

Know your products

For supplies, François chose the Fernwood and Dispatch roasters. The first, coming from British Columbia, was his favored blend during his apprenticeship at Café Plume. As for Dispatch, some of you may already know this Montreal company. They’re well-known and sought after for their rigorous selection process for coffee from Central America and Africa.

François offers delicacies from his own family recipes.

Shaughnessy Café also offers some delicious snacks, for now all sweet. Always concerned about quality, they are also all made on site. You can choose between cookies, scones, croissants or muffins.

Francois Lentendre-Joachim brought his mother’s recipes with him.

I want you to smell what just came out of the oven when you walk in. That’s why I only make small quantities and make another batch when necessary” confides the owner.

Paging those who love hot croissants!

Did you like your coffee? Shaughnessy café has a selection you can take home.

While Francois may be risking his secret recipes, he enjoys sharing his passion for coffee and is happy to discuss them with you. And if you feel like taking some coffee home with you, know that in addition to a few other items, Fernwood and Dispatch coffees are on sale at the counter.

Independent cafés are very popular in the neighborhood

This young café has everything you need, especially a “chill” atmosphere faithful to its creator. It’s also a new offering for this area of Shaughnessy; Café Myriade – a place well-known to coffee lovers – is just a few blocks away, but until now, when you wanted to enjoy a hot beverage in a local café (not a big chain), you had to take a short walk. No more, thanks to Shaughnessy café, sure to be the hottest café in the neighborhood!

Shaughnessy Café

1455, Lambert Closse

Photo credits: Frédéric Ryan – Instagram (@feddomtl)   

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