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Running in Griffintown and the South-West

Fans of running? Three fun routes starting in Griffintown.
Three fun running routes starting in Griffintown, Montreal.

Fans of running? I have 3 great trips for you, all starting at Lowney in Griffintown : The Clocktower, Atwater Market and the mountain.

Running has gained much popularity over these past years. It’s a simple physical activity that’s great for everyone; all you need is a good pair of running shoes and a little determination!

That’s the reason it has really taken off as a physical activity. Many of us have the opportunity to add a small jogging routine into our daily schedule. Let’s go! Get those legs moving! Running pumps oxygen to your brain and gets your ideas flowing, all while enjoying the great parks, green spaces and bicycle paths of Montréal.

Here are three routes that I frequently take on my runs from Griffintown. Right in the city center, Prével’s condos have easy access to many landmarks for Montréal joggers, such as the Old Port, Mount Royal and the bike path along the Lachine Canal. 

The Clocktower

Getting yourself to the Clocktower at the Old Port. First take William street, then turn right on McGill and then left on De la Commune. Run along the docks until the clocktower and then return via Saint-Paul street, just to the north of De la Commune.

For a longer run, take Pierre-Dupuy avenue, then cross the Concorde bridge and the ‘Islands’ bridge. You then turn right towards the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit (one lap is 4.36 km).

Atwater Market

Go down Peel street until you reach the Peel basin, you’ll see the bike path on the right. Follow the bike path until the Atwater Market (direct route) and return. During summertime, refresh yourself by visiting the ice-cream shops!

The Mountain

A harder route that’s both urban and mountain at the same time: Mount Royal.

Go up Peel street until you hit des Pins avenue. Turn left. Several trails lead up the mountain. Follow the signs and climb the stairs or the paths until you reach the big chalet.

Why run alone when you can run with a group?
That is the mantra of many running clubs in Montréal. Some examples of where you can find out about them or more on the subject on, Chatelaine running Club page or the Running Room stores.

Don’t forget that jogging is an excellent way to get the over 300 minutes of weekly exercise recommended for adults 18 to 64 by the World Health Organization. It’s also a great way to experience the city and find the gems are hidden in the streets of the different neighborhoods. There are an infinite number of routes to take…let your imagination guide you!

Have a great run and hope to see you on the streets of Griffintown.


Photo on top of this post shows a group of runners from Club de course Chatelaine at one of their weekly run  on Mont Royal (every Tuesday at 6:00pm, from May to October), with Genevieve Lefebvre (on the right), author of Chatelaine running club’s blog ”La course ou la vie”.

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